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    Default Meperidine

    My husband's internist (sp) put him on Meperidine today and I have never heard of it. He said she told him it was Demerol. He broke his are three weeks ago and is going through therapy and I understand he is in a lot of pain but she had him on hydocodone 10/500, then roxicodone .05 and oxycodone .30 (I'm not sure these are the right strengths) but it just seems to me he is getting drug after drug with no relief and he has liver disease!!!!! I am very concerned but he won't talk to me about it because if the doctor says it is ok, it is ok with him.
    Can someone give me advice on how to maintain??????
    Thanking in advance!

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    Meperidine (demerol) is a synthetic opiate with no tylenol or asa in it.This is why she probably ordered it.It's easier on the stomach and works fairly quickly.I took it for 10 years and found it to be an effective pain killer.She's trying to find the right drug that will give him some releif without bothering his liver.....Dave

    Always consult a MD first

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