I have a married couple who I am friends with.

He is 47 and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis back in February, 2009. He was put on Methotrexate and Prednisone. He has all the typical side effects of the Prednisone and together, they can deal with all but one.

That is the "moodiness / irritability / quick-temper / rage " I, myself have witnessed this behavior and it is just plain scary. He is normally an easy going, even tempered man with a good personality, however, the mood change / personality change that he has gone through since starting the Prednisone.....they have a marriage to be admired....but this is causing them serious problems.

I do not know much about Prednisone - but she asked if I knew of a Medication called "Indocin" that he MAY be able to take instead?

I promised her I would research it for her and told her about this board and said I'd look for answers.

Can anyone help? Either with opinions on Indocin or something else that can replace Prednisone.?? He is ready to just walk off it but I told him NOT to do that, as it could make things a LOT worse. I have read a LOT about Prednisone and I sure would not want to take it....there has to ne something else as / or almost as effective without the "Mood / personality / irritibility / anger / rage"?

Thank you for ANY help you can offer...I appreciate it a lot.