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Suboxone question
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    Default Suboxone question

    Hi gang, Its been a long time since been on. I started my recovery Oct 4 on suboxone. I was started on 1 and half pill but i got a wicked bad reaction to just one pill cause i was to take half then another 2 hours later-i waited 6 hours and got wicked sick. So the doc scaled me back to the half. Ok fast forward=the doc wants me to take a urine test each visit. the last visit they said none of the suboxone showed in my urine. I dug around and found out i was sucking on them too fast. I was swallowing the saliva too fast. Anyone else have this issue? They say to keep it in your mouth for 10 min but sometimes it would disolve in 5 min and i just swallowed. the doc originally told me to spit it out if i wanted. so i did that in the first month and of course my urine came up neg for suboxone. so i since read somewhere else you need to keep the liquid in your mouth for 30 min. anyone out there have any more info? The drug info from the pharmacy is useless. So is the pharmacy. They just think i am lieing and selling it. I told them no way but thanks anyways for the accusation. I told em I should turn you into the store manager but I wont because you are probably having a bad day. Dont take it out on me. Have a nice day. So I told my doctor what that idiot said to me and he just shook his head. So anyways anyone have same experience while on a low dose?

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    What do you mean sucking on them? They are meant to be taken sublingually, meaning put under the tongue until they dissolve. They are not meant to be swallowed and the saliva should not be spit out. If you have been sucking on them and swallowing them and if your urine showed up with no suboxone in it, maybe it hasn't been absorbed and maybe you don't even need to ttake it. I don't know. But I do know you're taking them wrong. Are you taking 1/2 of an 8 mg. pill?

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