Hello, it was recommeneded to me by a helpful poster to talk to board member Robert_325 in regards to a suboxone taper. I know so many people are struggling through things like this, and I don't mean to keep posting about my problem, but I just thought this would be a better shot to get the answers I'm looking for and get on with it.

Here's the deal: I've been on either methadone/suboxone for the past year. Daily I would take 10 mg methadone, and for the past 4 months or so I would take 2 mg of suboxone daily (sometimes 1 if I was rationing them). Right now I have 9 total 8mg suboxone strips (at my current daily dose rate that would be enough for 36 days, more if I taper). I've most currently been taking 5 mg of methadone per day for the past few weeks, and am experiencing discomfort at the end of the night when the dose wears off (trouble sleeping, hot flashes, sweats). Here's the thing: I don't want to go back on Suboxone and be putting a MORE powerful amount of drugs into my system than if I was taking methadone, so right now I'm really trying to figure out what dose/mg of Suboxone I should start taking, and how to taper off that (remember right now I'm at 5-10 mg of methadone per day, and when on subs I'd take 1-2 mg per day). I have 20 1mg Clonopins to help me sleep. I really need help from some experienced people who can maybe give me a good daily taper guide/timeline. I will happily do it myself, I'm just worried about the different opinions on how powerful suboxone is and don't want to start out by taking a stronger dose than I have been. Thanks so much for your time, good luck to everyone.