I've been on dialysis for 3 years (since I was 21) and I've been having a problem with chronic heartburn despite taking Omeprazole daily with either Zantac and Promethazine or Benadryl and Zofran (never Benadryl and Promethazine together, as I learned the hard way). A GI specialist gave me some Carafate to take before treatments, but I found the texture making me want to throw up, which didn't really help. I was told that because of the water removal from the stomach and esophagus during dialysis, the stomach and esophagus become irritated and that was partially what caused the heartburn.. Which makes sense I suppose, considering it starts the last hour of my treatment at about 3.5 liters of fluid removed. If the heartburn gets bad enough, I wind up vomiting, pretty much no matter what I do..

Can anyone offer up any other suggestions that I can discuss with my doctors?