There was once a time I didn't even know what the heck vicodin even was. My ex-boyfriend introduced this in my life and I got hooked. The euphoria I felt was like no other. As time went by, we started dabbling in percocets, an enemy of mine if there ever was one. The vics didn't do it for us any more. We would take about 3-4 each at night every night for a duration of 6 years. I would feel terrible as the day stretched long and became lazy. I didn't realize everyday I experienced minor withdrawal symptoms because we would only take them at night. Towards the end of our relationship, I started abusing the drug even more, stealing about 7 extra to get me through the day. Our relationship ended and shortly after I was in an accident resulting in 2 surgeries. I decided to wean myself off the newly prescribed percs after I recovered. I did so and stayed clean for about 6 months.

So for about a month and half I have been taking about 7 a day. I knew I had to stop so this time I went cold turkey. I was so ashamed I went down that path again, but a month and a half sure beats 6 years. Since I stopped abruptly, I feel ten times more withdrawal symptons than when I weened off the first time around.

I feel: intense pains, mostly in my back and neck. Cold sweets, the worst kind. I can't force food down, and can't sleep due to uncomfortability. Today is day 4 and I feel as though I developed a fever. What am I in for guys? Can someone please tell me to keep strong, that it gets better? Since I didn't feel this way the first time around, I am getting so nervous as to what comes next... and if this pain will ever stop? I can say I feel so much better than the first 2 days, but I still feel TERRIBLE.