Boy do I wish I had never found out about these online pharmacys. It's been about $1000 or more now in the last year. I was using Norco Worldwide with marginal doctor records, and then I switched to Your Pain Mangagement and submitted to them a doctor visit that had to do with mild TMJ pain, and BRAVO the Florida doctor prescibes me 100 Norco for each 20 days. So I get really strung out on them. The wway the online pharmacys work I need yto pay for a consultation after every 3 refills. So that's where it gets expensice. $120 just to talk to the doctor, and GET THis the last so called doctor that called me at 8:30am was stoned out of her mind, slurring words. So after paying my $120 in consult and $130 for the 100 Norcos I just decided early one morinign that when my FED EX guy came to the door I was going to refuse the package. Trust me if it had been afternoon I wouldn't have had the guts!
So now I'm out of their system (they were not pleased that I declined the COD). I'm now on Tramadol, which I can get for about 50 cents a piece. I know the withdrawals are bad with Tramadol but I don't have the gut wrenching stomach pain that I did from Codeine. It almost killed me and I'm a very healthy 45 year old woman.
Just my story.
Stay away from the NROP's and ROP.

He not busy being born is busy dying.
Bob Dylan