I haven't been ill, as such; I've been eating as usual. The thing is I'm not sleeping well at all. I'm managing 3hrs per day - it's horrible. And still, I'm sneezing 4-5 times about 6 times a day. Plus I'm going to the toilet about 4 times a day (and my excretement is not solid, but not runny [sorry for being so crude]).

I'm not in any pain - though I do get hot and cold sweats, which is nothing really, just uncomfortable. It's just the sleep that does me. Especially when I'm on a 6am-3pm shift!

I could've had some sleeping tablets, but I want to do it naturally, even though my doctor said it was a bad idea - but he did congratulate me.

How long will this last for?

And have you got any tips for me?

p.s. I go for jogs every two days and do sit ups and press ups, and I'm also drinking lots of water, too.

Thanks for listening. x