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    Default lorazepam

    Hello all,

    My Dr. just put me on 4 1mg tabs per day for anxiety. It seems like good stuff; helps me mellow. How much would it take for an overdose?

    On certain situations, I may want to take an extra pill but don't want any problems. thanks


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    Be careful Larry, lorazapam is a benzodiazapine and can be very addictive.Your ok to take an extra one now and then but be careful as too much will shut your respitory system down when you fall asleep and it's game over.Also don't take any booze or opiates along with it as they will potentiate each other leading to a overdose.Lorazapam is for short term use(a few weeks) as it looses it's punch quickly and you raise the dose which can lead to addiction or worse.Believe me you don't want to go through a benzo withdrawl,it has actually killed people and is the worst withdrawl to go through.Be careful and use these drugs with respect.Good luck...Dave

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