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Lexapro and Xanax hallucinations
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    Exclamation Lexapro and Xanax hallucinations

    Hi I started on 10mg of Lexapro for Anxiety and .5mg xanax for inability to sleep in July. I am going through a difficult time and child custody issues. I also began therapy which has helped a lot. While married to a crazy man I was diagnosed with major depression. After leaving him I didn't have anymore real problems with depression but had some obsessive behavior and anxiety issues. The xanax helped me sleep but the lexapro didnt seem to help much. On a Friday in August I had a "breakdown". I felt really weird and was crying. I dont know how to explain but my doc upped my xanax to 1mg and told me to take the week off. I was ok after that and when my 1 mg xanax (qty 20) ran out I went back to my .5's. I was still struggling with anxiety and obsessive behavior so I went back to my doc who upped my lexapro to 20. It seemed to help a lot with my O&A and I even slept much better. I take my meds at 8pm everynight. Since the beginning of my meds I have had a problem being really hot at night. Night sweats when I sleep and I am normally a cold natured person. I now have thermostat on 68. I also have had a lot of vivid dreams and a lot of bad dreams. I have always been a vivid dreamer but it is 10 fold. I also had a problem with diarrhea until the up in lexapro to 20. Anyways after the up in lexapro to 20mg I began seeing tracers then after awhile I began hallucinating. Seeing things stationary seeming to breath or move that shouldnt be. I told my doc and she put me back on 10mg of lexapro this last friday. I havent seen any hallucinations since. I have an appointment with her this coming friday and will request that she wean me off the xanax and up my lexapro to maybe 15 then to 20 when I am off the xanax. Anyone have any experience with the hallucinations? My friend told me she thinks I could be misdiagnosed with the anxiety disorder and that maybe I am bipolar because of my reaction to the meds. Any thoughts or experiences? Thanks!

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