I have been taking 50000unt Vitamin D for a long time now & my system has not bounced back & is jsut not responding & is not producing this vitamin on its on. I've read up about the importance of this & just how important it is. Now this makes NO SENSE at all to me because since as young as I can remember I have always loved the sun & have gotten plenty of it. On top of that I have been drinking a MINIMUM of 1 gallon of 2% Milk EVERYDAY - recently went to skim milk because my loving wife wanted me to so I have made the change. So thats 2 extreme doses of D I've been pounding my system with forever.
What in the world would cause my body to stop producing this vitamin?? I just read it is a major player in depression & I am manic & bi-polar & soooo many other depression labels so what in the world could any of this mean??
I already have exaushsted my doctor with ?'s about this & he's either keeping the truth from me or honestly doesn't know. I'm leaning on the keeping it from me because of several other factors I have added & done the math.
So with the vit D shut down so has my testosterone levels so that is 2 major elements that can be linked to several major health issues & am hoping to get some of you here that have enough wisdom to just give me a few things "it COULD" be - I do not want you thinking I want your diagnosis because I know none of you can just throw somethings at me
Thank you & what ever you throw at me will be appreciated...