Gabapentin for Oxycodone withdrawal..working?!?
Ok, perhaps this is the wrong place to post this but this is where I always post so...I am on Day 2 of a taper from Oxy..last night I found some information Gabapentin/Neurotonin (sp could be wrong on that.sorry) Anyway I had a whole bottle of the stuff given to me during chemo. Never touched it. Don't even know why it was prescribed. Anyway I took one last night. It was 800 mg which seemed like a lot to me however surfing the web people were taking it in larger doses, like 1200-1500mgs for Opiate withdrawal. Holy sh*t! Well it took like an hour and a half to begin to set in. At first I just felt a little weird. Then bam! I passed out and slept like a rock for TEN hours! Whereas the night before last I thrashed all night sweating, chills, the works! So, this morning I am woken up by my kids( didn't wake up on my own, would have kept sleeping and it was difficult to actually wake up) and I GOT UP out of bed before taking any Oxy!!!! What is going on?? I don't feel like taking any Oxycodone either! I'm NOT STIFF OR SORE! I feel a little strung out but other than that I feel NORMAL? Someone please tell me what's going on? Anyone ever take this for withdrawals? There MUST be a downside? I don't feel any need for Oxycodone on my second day of tapering?