My husband and i have been on methadone for over 3 yrs now and we have decided we want off methadone by using suboxone to come off...

My husbands highest dose was 110
my highest dose was 85

i have been at 50mg for quite some time, my husband however has dropped 10 even 15 mg a week or every two weeks

we are now both at 50mg

our doctor seems to think we can dump to 35mg for 1 week and then stay off our dose for only 24 hours then iduct on subs

i know this isn't right but i do need some info on what to do from here if you can give me some kind of idea on how to get from 50mg to subs i would really appreciate it..

Also we have wondered about even going from methadone to another opiate such as ms contin then 12 hrs off then to subs does anyone know how we would go about this?? What opiate is best to use? For how long before we do a sub induction???

Once on subs we will also need a good taper plan, i know robert has a guide written but i can not find it