hello everybody, im tommyboy5 from oklahoma. if you have ever taken pain medicine on a regular schedule then you know about home detox. i have taken it for over 14 years i believe. i have changed several doctors over the years and some lost their license from buying pills from their patients. yea its true. doctors can also be addicts. the doctor i see now just got divorced last year and went to rehab again. i sure was judgemental untill i found out about his little problam, anyway back to detox. there has been times i have started detox every month. yep i would get my medicine filled and either take to much or somebody borrowing without permission or even the damn house burned down once. it really takes a toll on youre body when you plan on being sick the following week due to running out. thats why i went to rehab and detoxed with meds and cleaned myself out and started over with a small dose. just enough to knock the edge off. i was taking about 5 sixty mlgms a day. plus about 3 30 mlgms of morphine a day. the first is oxycontin. then i was taking about 15 7.5 lortabs on top of it all. yea crazy huh? stupid is more like it. i had two doctors and for years i did this. i should have been dead but somebody forgot to tell me. now you think you went through detox!!! i was cut off do to new laws where the pharmacies share info. and send in to the drug task. they came and talked to me in rehab and said that they had been watching me for a while and they just knew that i was dealing. but nobody ever came to my house or left. they said was you really taking all that medicine?? i said yea. they said why? i said when you have taken it for as long as i have and as much then you do build up a tolerance to it. my mother just died last year from liver disease. never drank in her life. but the tylenol and meds she took killed her liver quicker than alcohol could have. i used to plan on being sick every month. i would run out and by the next morning i would start detoxing. i could barely go into my doctors appointments and get refills. its like my heart was racing and i hated waiting in line at the pharmacy. then i would chew two sixties up in the parking lot just to be able to drive home. i even went to the doctor one time and i lost my bowels right there in the damn office. i would even think about breaking into a pharmacy to get meds or holding one up. i never bought a pill so i didnt know anybody i could borrow off of. when i had my meds i would just sit in my chair and stare at the t.v. all day. thats how i got fat. and i craved chocolate and pop. anything with sugar in it, morphine wasnt that hard to come off of. it would make me itch and hard to breath so i wasnt that addicted to it. but the oxy oh my god i was craving it all the damn time. i even carried with me to church and every where else. when i would start detoxing my allergies would wake up and all i could do is hold my head and cough and blow snot. i would piss like every five minutes untill i got cotton mouth. i couldnt make it to the bathroom because of severe diareh. my pulse would run like i was on a tread mill. bloody pressure perfect. no fever. but i sure as hell ached when them nerves started waking up. i would be hot and cold at the same damn time. and i would sit in the bath tub and just poor water on me. this last time i got so sick i wanted to pass out everytime i stood up. so i checked into rehab. they put me on 40 mlg. of methadone twice aday. the next day i felt better. just taking two of the methadone. then after about four days of that i was able to come home. i was still up all night in major pain but i felt a hell of alot better. one thing to do is if you are going to detox at home. drink as much gatorade as you can. more than water. dont try and quit smoking or drinking pop at the same time. you are going through enough. if you are like me have a familly member to help cut you back on youre medicine. that is the safest way to do it. but if you are like me and everybody takes medicine in youre familly then have the pharmacist help you by giving you smaller doses to take home instead of a month supply at a time. every day take a smaller dose and longer in between doses. if you are like me and you take a pill at two a,m. then you will wake up and want a pill at two a.m. the next night. dont get mad and flush it all at one time. or youre docor will never believe you. then youre really screwed. also youre insurance want pay for a refill till the next month. dont call the police and say you lost it or somebody broke in and stole it. they will start watching you and think that you are dealing. you cannot blame youre doctor or the police for thinking that. understand that they hear the same ******** every damn day from hundreds of people. i would take benadryl at night to help rest. this might give you about two hours sleep. but keep telling yourself that the nightmares and suicide thoughts are just youre mind playing tricks on you. if it gets to hard then call and get help. dont try and do it all by yourself. yes my wife went all over town and told everybody when i was in detox. i coach little league football and go to church. so yes i have a reputation. but when i got home you dont know how many people wanted info for themselves or a familly member to get help to. so what the hell. also if you die from a over dose do you realize that this will always be said about you for eternity?? that is the first thing people ask when you die is what from. if you say drug overdose. then everytime youre name is mentioned again the drugs will always be mentioned first. like i said earlier my mother died from drug abuse. my father died from alcohol. my wife is worse than me. my sister is a drug attict with illegal drugs. and i just found out that my oldest son who is 19 now has been sent to pain management from workmans comp and his doctor has him on 1 percocet 10 mlgms six times a day!! yea and i didnt start untill i was almost 30 years old. all i could do is cry. whats sad is back when i thought i needed the pain medicine i look back now now and i really didnt. but now that i hurt all the time i cant take it because the ******** doesnt work. go figure? i take it now just so i can still walk to the bathroom without pissing on myself. back then i took it so i felt good and it put me in a great mood when the inlaws came around.