its sad that weither you take one pill a day or 30 pills a day. you still go through some sort of detox. when i went to detox i was on a extreme amount of pain meds. that should have killed me. when i got there i was sicker than a dog and it had already been five days without. i thought that i would start feeling better after each day but i was'nt. the doctor did blood work and told me that i was low on potasium and alot of other things. he asked me what i had been drinking and i said pop and water. he told me that everytime that i decide to detox try and drink as much gatorade as i can. then drink some more. he hooked me up to a i.v. and told the nurse to put a vita pack on. it looked just like a huge bag of green gatorade. he then gave me a 40 miligram methadone tablet and a b-6 vitamin i think. along with a klonopin. he told me that when you detox off of meds. youre body is thrown into shock. mentally and physically. he said thats why you start pissing youre brains out and sneezing and blowing snot like you have a severe head cold. youre bowels start working again and youre body starts to flush itself out. then he stated that the burning feeling in my arms and legs is the nerve root endings starting to wake up. thats what pain meds do is numb youre nerves all through out youre entire body. thats why if somebody slapped youre leg you would probably cry. but anyway when he hooked up the i.v. and started the vitamins i began to feel better and was able to get some sleep after five days of being awake. i had already been taking valium so i dont think it made a big difference and the methadone was given about two hours later. so my point is. is that try and get as much gatorade in you as possible or vita drink. quick and drink more of it than the soda or even water. he said all the water is doing is getting my kidneys to work overtime and thats how you lose the vitamins in youre body and feel even worse day after day. to the point that you cant sit still but everytime you stand up you feel like youre going to pass out. or dizzy spells of weakness. there is alot of depression that comes with detox. sometimes to the point of suicide thoughts. or breaking into a house or pharmacy to get that one pill. there was a man brought in after me and he was a pure >>>>>> addict. they put him on the highest dose of methadone that they could administer they said. but he still went into cardiac arrest. he had to be life flighted from henryetta oklahoma to tulsa hospital. i never found out if he made it or not but i often wonder. the next day when i woke up my detox symtoms had stopped but my pain level was at a all time high. i wasnt even aloud to take a motrin in there. but my wife can take nuerontin and get relief from the burning and pain in youre body when out of pain meds. if i take it. it doesnt work on me and gives me dizzy spells. even at a extremelly small dose. she has seizures real bad and without it she gets to hurting and goes into seizures. its supposed to be non narcotic i think so i dont think that its hard to get a script for it. if youre doctor prescibes it you might start feeling better once it gets into youre system. so back to detox. i was in there for four days and after that i came home and even felt good without the methadone. but do to the pain in my legs and feet i had to start taking a pain pill a day again just so i can sleep at night without holding my ankle all night to numb it. so far im doing good. but even now i will still have like a panic attack and crave for that high dose of oxycontin. it helps me to take prozac for it but you have to take it everyday. its not just a by symptom med. like pain medicine is. so what boils down is go by some vitamins and b-6 and gatorade with potasium or bananas. and start right now. maybe it will help with youre withdraws like it did mine. i have heard that if you are on >>>>>> or pain meds like oxy that chocolate candy helps the cravings. it sure helps mine. and dont get into a big hurry to do to much to soon. like trying to quit other habits like soda, smoking , or weight loss. the weight loss will come with the diareha. i know sucking on some taffee has helped my cravings, and cotton mouth. if you have cotton mouth then go get some diarreah med. to take. you might be getting dehydrated. good luck to all with youre own program. this has helped me.