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    Default Chantix

    I have just started taking Chantix to quit smoking. Does anyone have any pros or cons for this med. Has it worked for you, etc?

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    Default chantix

    my wife has been on it for 3 weeks, she says it is a mirical drug.
    she has been smoke free for 2 weeks now, and says she is never going to smoke again.
    she is also says one month is enough of the medication.
    she used to be a heavy smoker, and tried to quit alot but never succeded.

    the only side effect shae had sofar is that she forgot to take a dose, so ended up doubling here dose, which was a bad idea. she got really sick, and was vomtting for an hour.

    great meds to help you quit, gl

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    I tried everything from patches to inhalers, no help. I told someone if researchers could come up with something to tell my brain I don't need the Cig. Thats what would work. I did the three months period, you can take it for six months if you feel you need it. I have not had a cig. in 8 months and I smoked for 30/40 years. I'm thankful for that Blessing of Chantix everyday.

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    I have a friend at work that has been a HEAVY smoker for most of his life..He has been on this Chantix for about 3 months now and is completely smoke free!He says he does'nt even get cravings anymore...Honestly this is a guy that I always said that there would be NO WAY he'd ever quit,and now due to this drug he really did quit...I'd say it must REALLY work for him to have quit....

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    I have heard a lot of people had wonderful results from chantix. I am very happy for them. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. One of the side-effects can be depression, especially for someone who has experienced depression in the past or is at risk for depression. I took it for a total of three weeks. I noticed that in a week, I didn't feel the need to smoke anymore, hooray!!! But I also noticed that my mood was low. After three weeks, I wasn't smoking, but I was severely depressed. I was at risk for suicide and having morbid thoughts. I told my doctor and he took me off of chantix right away. Within days, I felt ten times better! I started smoking again though. I wish I could stay on this drug long enough to kick the habit, but I cannot stand to be so depressed. Smoking is better than committing suicide. Since then, I have heard of others having the same experience. More often than not, people have excellent results from this drug. Just a friendly FYI: Keep tabs on your mood while you take chantix. Good luck!

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    It works really good.
    I took it for 2 weeks and that was all i needed.

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