Please Help:
Long story very short. I went to see my doctor on Tuesday (11/8/05) and he ran some blood tests on me due to some black stools I was having since Sunday (11/6/05).

My blood tests showed that my hemoglobin & hematocrit (known as H & H) were really low. The average hemoglobin should be 12.5-18.0 and mine was at 8.0 and the average hematocrit should be 37.5-52.0 and mine was at 23.0. The average Red Blood cell should be 4.15-6.10 and mine was at 2.91.

Once I got to the hospital, they ran all kinds of tests, including more blood, x-rays, EKG, etc, etc., and gave me the IV with PANTOPRAZOLE (40MG)in it.

I was then told that due to my H & H blood test result, I had lost 4 units of blood in my black stools, and I was now internally bleeding to death and could bleed out. My hospital floor nurse told me that I was now considered and in a "Medical emergency life and death situation." Of course you can imagine from worry now, my blood pressure was erratic which didn't help.

Anyway they stuck a tube in my stomach to check on the bleeding. What they found was that I had a hole in my stomach, which was causing the bleeding. After the stomach tube was removed and while I was in the recovery area, the doctor and nurse told me to PLEASE TAKE IT EASY for the next 3 months, as I was very lucky to be alive right now.

I had to receive a blood transfusion of 2 units of blood. In my doctor/nurse/patient conversations it was brought out the due to the aspirin, and advil that I was taking for my work stress headaches, a few times a day since 8/21/05, that the aspirin and advil caused the hole in my stomach. I can now only take Tylenol for the rest of my life.

Anyway, I am at home now and have been given a second chance with life and plan on taking it easy.

Since I have been at home, I am now on a medication called
OMEPRAZOLE ( 2 capsules per day, each at 20MG).

At this point in time, I am petrified that everytime I have a bowel movement, it will be black again and have to go back in the hospital. I am petrified of the hospital also, as my mother passed away in the hospital. Up to this point I have never been majorly sick in my life. I do take medication for blood pressure and cholestrol.

Does anyone know what kind of diet I should be on now to help repair the hole in my stomach and/or what kinds of foods to avoid?