I am between pain management doctors, i am out of meds that i take for severe pain. I've been in P.M. since an accident in 2006, Tspine. Had surgery in 2008 due to feeling loss. back to similiar situation, can't even tell when I go... Poise to the rescue! Had tried pain clinic at hopkins last week, they want to do "something new" where they give suggested treatment plan to your own PCP, mine said NO, I asked for my meds to refill till either hopkins (who WILL NOT CALL ME BACK!) or if i can find a new pain doctor. Last doctor was actually mentally abusive to me, which I still feel like I'm in the twilight zone! My doctor said, "go to the e.r. they will fill it" is this man CRAZY?!?! I ended up going, withdrawal and pain is bad! er doc was great, but only had referred me to doctors that are not in my insurance. I've been on these for some bit of time. Kadian 60 2x / Flexeril 10 3x / Oxycodone 30 6-8hrs / zonegran 50mg 2caps 3x (fibro) I rummaged through the entire home, under furniture, purses, etc... found a few... that brought me to today, no more left. Had spaced the 4 Kadian I found over the days of the the last 2wks.

Is there no laws to protect us, no place to call to say "HELP" I have a seriously messed up Tspine & Lspine is something that is only getting worse. Myleogram confirmed all of this. Any help / advice? This is so far out there! I called for an appt w/my doctor today. Sorry NO appts avail. I really feel as though I may lose my mind!