Hello, i am new here and found this a very good supporting group for a wife like me with no knowledge of How to deal with a husband who was diagnosed with MG. My husband retired from work when he was 60 but continue to work parttime for 2 years, then we decided to settle for good in the Philippines, my home country. My husband is Japanese. April of this year, is our 5th year. On july 6, 2012, we arrived in Osaka for our usual yearly trip to Japan. Stayed in a hotel for a night then the following day another flight going to Hokkaido. On july 18, my husband was diagnosed with MG.I know that it is a rare disease for I have a friend who had the same case, but she was younger, she was only 28 then.

My husband was shocked and me too. Before he was diagnosed, he has several falls, once in the Philippines, twice in Japan. As I recalled during our stay in the Philippines, he cannot even remove his own shirt, knowing all the while that he is just making this to get my attention.He has complained also several times of his eyeglasses, but we just ignored it as just an ordinary story for my husband complains all the time.

Now, he is confined in a hospital here in Japan,and taking mestison 3x a day. He has a stable condition, but he needs the assistance for frequent trips to the toilet and taking a bath. using a wheelchair is his daily routine.....

Does having tuberculosis has something to do with MG? He had that 2 years ago..now his doctors here is asking for the medications that he took prior having MG. With this kind of disease, how long will it take for him to recover...and what are the possible things that might happen, while undergoing the treatment?

So many things are popping in my head...hope anyone there who had an experience taking care of a patient with MG will be able to give me an advice. Thanks so much.