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3 weeks on percocet. withdrawl?
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    Default 3 weeks on percocet. withdrawl?

    Im curious of I could be dependant on percocet after 3 weeks [it will be 4 tomorrow] of use. I take up to 15-30 mg a day for back problems. In the morning, when I wake up, I tend to feel a bit depressed....kind of like I would if I had been drinking the night before. Anyways, Im wondering if it is too soon to go through withdrawl? I took these several months ago for the same problem [have a new job now that aggravates my back bad and had to start back up using them again] and after I stopped, I had withdrawl. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I have no answers but wanted your post to be seen by those who do. They will be along soon, I am sure.

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