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Yellow Dye
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    Default Yellow Dye

    Does anyone know what the difference is between yellow dye #5 and yellow dye #10? My husband is allergic to #5 but has been prescribed a medication which contains #10.

    Thank You

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    Default yellow food dye #10

    I also would like to know the answer to that question. I, too, am allergic to #5 and am now taking a medication with #10 in it.

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    Default yellow food dye #10 or quinoline yellow

    Found this on the web


    D&C Yellow #10 and Quinoline Yellow (E104) are both sometimes referred to as Quinoline Yellow which has created much controversy when companies are trying to formulate global products. These colors are two different chemicals and cannot be interchanged. Unfortunately, due to the regulatory issues listed below, these differences create challenges when developing products that are to be marketed globally. This usually results in the need for multiple versions of a product which are formulated to meet regulatory requirements in specific geographic markets.

    United States: 21CFR (Part 74) lists the approved color as D&C Yellow #10. The specifications are listed in 21 CFR (Section 74.1710) which requires that the dye contain not less than 75% of the monosulfonated component and not more than 15% of the disulfonated component. Currently, D&C Yellow #10 is approved for use in Drugs and Cosmetics but is not approved for Food uses.
    ¾ Issue: This material is not acceptable for use in foods or drugs in Europe due to a difference in the specifications of the monosulfonated and disulfonated components of the dye.
    European Union: EC Directive 94/36/EC lists the approved color as Quinoline Yellow (E104). The specific purity requirements are listed in EC Directive 95/45/EC which requires that the material contain not less than 80% of the disulfonated component and not more than 15% of the mono-sulfonated component. Quinoline Yellow (E104) is approved in Europe for use in Food and Drugs.
     Therefore, by definition you cannot have a material that meets both the U.S,. and the European specifications for use in Drugs. Additionally, neither color is listed in both regions for use in foods.
    Japan: Both D&C Yellow #10 and Quinoline Yellow (E104) are NOT approved for use in foods or drugs at this time. There has not been a precedent of use of either color in a drug product which has been approved by MHW. This does not preclude the potential for use; however, significant justification data would have to be submitted to support the inclusion of these colors. This may be difficult and delay product approvals.
    Other Regions: Some countries such as Canada, Chile, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. accept either color and both are known to be used in Australia. Others countries such as China, Brazil, Mexico, etc. do not allow for the use of D&C Yellow #10 or Quinoline Yellow (E104). It is important that the specific regulations of the target countries be evaluated before making a formulation decision. Colorcon’s International Color Regulations Guide can be helpful in providing initial guidance. These guides are available upon request.

    Trade organizations such as the International Association of Color Manufacturers (IACM) are discussing these issues with International Regulators to see if there could be modifications of the regulations in the future, however, at this time, there are no proposals or petitions in place which will impact the specification situation. IACM has petitioned the FDA to broaden the acceptability of D&C Yellow #10 for food use in the
    U.S. and to make it an FD&C color. This process will probably take several years to complete.
    January 2005
    World Headquarters
    Colorcon 415 Moyer Blvd., P.O. Box 24, West Point, PA 19486-0024 Tel: 215-699-7733 Fax: 215-661-2605
    Locations Telephone Facsimile Locations Telephone Facsimile
    United States Asia/Pacific
    Santa Ana, California 714-549-0631 714-549-4921 Singapore 65-6438-0318 65-6438-0178 Indianapolis, Indiana 317-545-6211 317-545-6218 Fuji-gun, Shizuoka, Japan 81-5-4465-2711 81-5-4465-2730 Humacao, Puerto Rico 787-852-3815 787-852-0030 Shanghai, China 86-21-5442-2222 86-21-5442-2229 Stoughton, Wisconsin 608-887-8970 608-887-8984 Goa, India 91-832-288-3434 91-832-288-3440
    Gyeonggi-do, Korea 82-31-296--2173 82-31-296-2178
    St. Laurent, QC, Canada 514-337-8341 514-337-9159
    Europe Latin America
    Dartford, Kent, England 44-1322-293000 44-1322-627200 Buenos Aires, Argentina 54-11-4552-1565 54-11-4552-3997 Massey, France 33-1-6447-9750 33-1-6932-5983 Cotia, Brasil 55-11-4612-4262 55-11-4612-3307 Idstein, Germany 49-6126-9961-0 49-6126-9961-11 Bogota, Colombia 571-418-1202 571-418-1257 Gallarate, Italy 39-0331-776932 39-0331-776831 Caracas, Venezuela 58-212-237-9842 58-212-238-2259 Budapest, Hungary 36-1-200-8000 36-1-200-8010 Santa Fe, México 52-55-3000-5700 52-55-3000-5701 /02 Istanbul, Turkey 90-216-465-0360 90-216-465-0361 Barcelona, Spain 34-9-3589-3756 34-9-3589-3792
    The information contained herein, to the best of our knowledge is true and accurate. Any recommendations or suggestions are made without warranty or guarantee, since the conditions of use are beyond our control. Any information contained herein is intended as a recommendation for use of our products so as not to infringe on any patent.
    © 2008 Colorcon, Inc. The information contained in this document is proprietary to Colorcon and may not be used or disseminated inappropriately.
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    Default yellow dye #10 and #5

    My pharmacist just told me today that both are azo chemical compositions so are related.

    Please let me know what you found out.

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