Does anybody know anybody except me who has ever been put on a combination of Xanas and Zyprexa by any psychiatrist who diagnosed, and diagnosed only, major depression, with or without a diagnosis of alleged "psychotic features" which were never identified and which, in response to a direct question at trial asking him to identify and explain any such alleged "psychotic features," the only psychiatric witness against me would say only was "a syndrome"? Xanax carries a warning that it is "not recommended for treatment of depression," Zyprexa is approved by teh FDA and recommended by teh manufacturer for and only for schizophrenia and the manic phases of bioolar disorder, neitehr of which anyone ever said I ahd and both of which had in fact been ruled out, this made me sick as a pup, and every actual or alleged symptom used to procure my commitment and suspensoin from my profession is listed as a common side effect of one or both of these drugs. When I finally got off both of these, and was put on Celexa, I quickly recovered although by then I had been locked u nd suspended. If I am reading the drug interaction page correctly, they are saying that this combination of drugs would not appear to be indicated for anything. This is all aobut to come up in court in connection wih my upcoming application for reinstatement.