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    Exclamation Ultram

    I was just prescribed ultram for pain. I don't need it everday. I have a few questions:

    1. Can I take it as needed or does it have to be daily?

    2. It says NO ALCOHOL on the warning but I really enjoy a glass of wine or two on the weekend. I am not a heavy drinker. Very moderate. Is this still ok?

    3. If mixing moderate drinking is a problem, can i take the weekends off of ultram if want to enjoy some wine with dinner or out with friends?

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    Can I ask what type of pain you are taking Ultram for? The reason I ask is, well... I'll get into that in a minute.
    First, to answer your questions. I have a lot of experience and knowledge about ultram (tramadol), and have had a long term dependence on it (as have others on this board). So be very careful with it.

    1. Take it only as needed. You can take it every day for chronic pain, but if your pain just flares up once in a while, then take 50mg to 100mg as needed.
    2. Yes, alcohol is ok with it, but only in moderation. It's just a warning that they put on the bottle. Tramadol can exacerbate the effects of alcohol, and vice versa. But I think alcohol in moderation is ok. But test it a little first with only one glass of wine. Wait a while. Then see how you tolerate it.
    3. See answer #2.

    You need to be very careful with ultram. Many doctors dont realize how potentially habit forming it really is. And if you do become addicted to it, the withdrawl symptoms can be terrible.
    Remember that ultram is an opitate, and any opiate can be addictive. But because it is an artificially created opiate, and because it isnt scheduled, doctors dont feel it's necessary to warn about addiction.
    But the numbers are the proof. Detox centers are offering tramadol (ultram) withdrawl treatments, and testimony shows that it can be excruciating.
    Not everyone who takes tramadol gets dependent on it. But there is real potential for anyone who takes it consistenly over a month or more.

    I would advise you to use something else, like ibuprofen, instead. If you must use ultram, use it only as needed, the smallest dose you can get by with, and quit it as soon as you no longer need it.

    For more information, there are several threads on this board regarding tramadol addiction and withdrawl hell.

    Good luck!

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