Hey first off I am a new member to post but I have read a lot about coming off of opiates which I am trying to do again now. I have been on various pain medications due to kidney stones over the past year and a half but have fallen in love with >>>>>> and have been on it for over a year. I have Suboxone and I'm currently taking around 4 mgs in the morning and I have been tapering to come off of it but I am experiencing bad Restless Legs which is a given with Opiate withdrawal I know but that is what is has kept me going back to the Opiates. My buddy went to an 8 day detox at a hospital in the city and they gave him Vistaril along with clonidine to help cope with the symptoms. I was wondering if I would be OK to take the Vistaril along with the Suboxone I'm on? I know they prescribe it in the Detox center, but they are surrounded by nurses and I can't take the time off of school/work for long enough to compelety go into detox and it keeps me busy and my mind off of the withdrawals (which are almost non-existent due to the suboxone). But are Suboxone and Vistaril ok for me to take together at home? Thanks for any answers or responses and sorry for the length but i wanted to give a little background before I completed my post.

Thanks a million