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    I know you all are going to think this is a stupid question, but I am new here and curious...
    I see a lot of questions about prescription meds and drug tests. As one who had the unfortunate task many years ago of running employee drug tests I just don't understand what people do in the privacy of thier free time has to to do with work. I know the tests we use back then did not test for anything but illegal substances. I guess things are different now.
    I reaize some of you are taking prescription meds w/out a prescription, but some of you must be taking them under a docs supervision. If that's the case, why the concern that it will show up on a drug test. You can get fired for taking a narcotic drug for a condition you need it for. (I also think you shouldn't be able to be fired for taking anything recreationally on your off time). Please fill me in as to what is happening. I haven't worked for years since I had kids, but if I had to go back, but I'm like a walking drug store!
    Thanks all. I think you all should fight to make it illegal for them to test you for anything that could stay in your system for any longer then you have been at work!
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    Thank you for your comments. I am 100% in agreement w/ you that employeers have no buisness inside your body and shouldn't care about what you do at home. pre-employment and random drug testing is an invasion of privacy and a violation of the 4th amendment. Fight uncostitutional searches and seizures wherever they occur.

    As for why companies will waste money drug testing all perscpective employees, I believe insurance companies will give discounts to buisnesss that can claim to be a "drug free" workplace b/c insurance companies have cooked up statistics claiming that "drug free" workplaces have fewer accidents and pay lower premiums. Also, the gov't may give breaks to corps that are "drug free" for similar reasons (we love to reward the status quo, even if it's unconstitutional).

    More info for anyone interested, including test regimines, false positive lists, and ways to beat drug tests at

    Information = Freedom

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