Hi everyone! I had yet another seizure on Tramadol, and this time it was really bad. It happened at the post office which has concrete floors. I managed to dislocate my jaw and had to have 3 of my front teeth extracted because they had broken roots. My dilemma is that I cannot take opiate pain medications and so I am therefore restricted to Tramadol; I have lower back issues. I thought Tramadol was a miracle drug because I was able to take it for my pain and not have to worry about becoming addicted. I am aware that Tramadol has caused dependence problems in some people, but it has been such a blessing as far as the pain goes. It certainly doesn't help it to the extent that opiate medications did, but I am able to function on a day-to-day basis without any problems. . . except the occasional seizure. This is my question:
Would I be able to continue taking Tramadol if I lowered my dosage and took an anti-seizure medication like Dilantin on a daily basis?
Obviously I know that it would be best to stop taking the Tramadol, but I am curious if anyone has ever tried this combination and had success. I will be speaking to my doctor about this before I come to a decision. I do not want to put anyone else's life in danger; I am just looking for other people's experiences with this. If you have had a seizure on Tramadol, please feel free to respond and share your experience whether or not you have tried the anti-seizure meds.