I am checking this out because I believe my wife could be doing something very dangerous.
She doesn't discuss her meds with me, to the point it's scary. She also never asks me to go to the doctor with her.
She drinks almost everyday 7 to 12 light beers (a problem in it's own).
She also is taking psyllium, hydrochlorothiazide, phentermine, bupropion, a multivitamin, cranberry and a couple of other "vitamins" im not sure what they are (no numbers or other markings).

How bad is this cocktail? I can't find any interaction info on ALL of what she's taking.
I can between 2, but when throw in the others the results get very skewed.
Please realize I have tried talking to her about interactions etc, but she is very headstrong and stubborn and takes it threateningly.
No matter how nice I am.

Thank you for any help you can provide.