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Pain meds with NO codeine?
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    Default Pain meds with NO codeine? here...sorry to be so brief and sloppy with my post but I'm dreary from the meperidine.

    I'm having a LOT of difficulty urinating and I'm fairly sure it's from the pain meds. I had a endometrial ablation yesterday and laparoscopy and they sent me home on meperidine for pain. But, to be a bit too frank, I'm having to strain harder than with a bowel movement just to urinate!

    I'm googling "meds without codeine" as I'm allergic - but I guess I'm just too out of it to search well...any suggestions? I've put in a call to my dr. too of course. He also gave me zofran if the meds make me nauseus.


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    This is a common side effect with opiates/opiods.There isn't alot you can do about other then try to run some water while you wait.Also try not to strain so hard.....Dave

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