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methadone habbit + lithium?
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    Default methadone habbit + lithium?

    i take methadone regularly, when i dont have methadone, i take dilaudid. i usually take about 60 mg. methadone on a regular day, or 64-72 mg. dilaudid.

    i'm going to get some lithium, other than slowing down breathing (which methadone does by itself) are there any interactions or different feelings, etc. anybody knows about?

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    Lithium is actually a mineral and not really a drug.They don't really understand why it acts as a mood stabilizer but it does.
    I've been on methadone for 5+ years now and lithium is not on the problem drug chart but!!!!!always check with a pharmacist or doctor first.Good luck....Dave

    P.S. The big ones to watch out for and never mix with methadone are benzodiazepines (valium,klonopin,xanax ect),booze,ssri's(most anti-depressents).There are a few more but methadone even at a low dose of 60mgs can be lethal when mixed with the wrong drug so always get an "ok" from your doctor or pharmacist......Dave

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