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Medications that cause tooth decay
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    Smile Medications that cause tooth decay

    Trazidone, Wellbutrin SR, Paxil
    Age: 56
    Prescripted Drugs for last 10 years

    Over the past 6 months, my teeth have been cracking, falling out, deteriorating, painful and decaying and yellow.

    Up until then, my teeth have been exceptional and I have all my dentists documents, pictures etc.

    I found out that the drugs to cause "dry mouth", which affects saliva and thus, tooth decay. I can't find specific statements for these drugs that they do in fact can cause sever drug decay.

    Can anyone help? I feel Kaiser should be responsible for their physicians prescriptions and side effects. I was never advised about severe tooth deteriotation. The cost to repair (probably lose rest of teeth) is in excess of $5000.00
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