hi,all, im new here and this is my 1st post, im going to have to make this one quick, ill leave more personal info later.. but...ive been taking 5 ten milligram methadone tabs 4 times a day (thats 200m a day) for the past couple of years due to seriouse back problems. gradually the pain has increased and a few months ago my doc srarted giving lortab 10 and soma for breakthrough pain as well. but still the pain is often unbearable, my doctor has talked about changing me to oxycontin, but im kinda scared because of withdrawel and methadone being an opiate inhibitor, it just kills off any opiate you take with it, does anybody have any helpful info on this? i could sure use some help.by the way i am still working but my condition has me on the edge of applying for disability, wich i cannot afford to du at this time, takes at least 6 mo. to get a check, and my jobs disability ins. only pays 100bux a week, and im afraid if my job finds out im taking these drugs they could fire me, any info here would be welcomed...thanx sooo much, Millisande[8)]