Is there anyone out there that has original MEDICARE and the MEDICARE payed for outpatient treatment at a physican's office. I am having a really hard time with this one doctor. He made me pay up front $750.00 for 3 visits to him. I ran out of money so I switched doctor's and this one has accepted Medicare for outpatient treatment for the suboxone treatment. My medication(suboxone), has always been paid in full, except for my co-pay from my Medicare part D prescription program. Is there anyone that has been going to a doctor who accepts Medicare and the doctor has filed a claim and it has been paid for or partial paid for by Medicare for treatment for suboxone. I really would appreciate any feed back that I can receive on this. I am totally disabled and a single mother and having great problems with finances. If you would like to email me and you have information on this please help me out. These stupid doctor's put me on heavy duty pain medication and I am so trying to get off it. My insurance sure paid for these doctor's to put me on medication but having a hard time to get this doctor to even file a claim for me. My thoughts are the doctor is ripping me off!!!
My email address is Please email me if you have any info. Thank you guys, Animal lover out!!!