I am new to this website. I currently take Lexapo (10 mg.), Strattera (25 mg.) for anxiety, as well as a couple of meds for back pain.
I started taking 1/2 of .5 mg of Klonopin 2-3 weeks ago. I also started taking a green coffee bean extract 3x a day for weight loss. I had lost about 6 pounds, so I was pleased with the results. It took my cravings away, and I wasn't hungry. However, it has caffeine in it, and it made my heart race. So, after 6 days, when I noticed this, I stopped taking it.
However, I still get this racing heart rate/chest pains sometimes once a day. It happened the other day while I was driving home from an appointment, and it was so bad, I thought it was heart trouble.
I just looked up side effects for klonopin, and I noticed that a racing heart rate is a side effect.
It was really helping my anxiety. I take it at night, because I am real sensitive when meds "may" cause drowsiness.
Has anyone else had this experience with Klonipin? My pdoc said that it had no side effects. (Yeah right.) I should have looked it up as soon as I started taking it, but I didn't.

-I have bipolar 2, and used to take LOTS of meds for that. However, I gained lots and lots of weight, and they made me so tired, that I only take a couple of meds in small doses now. Symptoms are still there, I just don't need the extra weight gain and fatigue right now.