During the past year, I was diagnosed with a BiPolar II disorder and later an anxiety problem. After some research i believe that my symptoms are more anxiety related than mood with the BiPolar diagnosis. I have been prescribed to many medications such as Lithium, Straterra, Wellbutrin, and many other "mood balancers." I am also currently prescribed to Klonopin .5MG 2X/D for my anxiety problems. I have never had a good experience with any mood stabalizing medication, but the Klonopin has helped to calm my nerves in some situations. However, I recently took hydrocodone for wrist pains. During this time, my symptoms of anxiety seemed to vanish entirely. For about 2 weeks I was actually working much on homework, put alot of time into my home business, and went out feeling wonderful. I actually called my mother who I hadn't talked to in awhile (I am always too nervous to even talk with her.)

I really just want to know why this is. I noticed that both the Klonopin and Hydrocodone are CNS depressants. I believe this is what the slowing of the nervous system came from. I would just like to know what it is in the Hydrocodone that affected me so well, and should i mention this to my current psychiatrist. I am nervous believing that this may make me appear hooked to a pain medication. But i do not know what to believe, because I have not felt so relaxed in over a year... PLEASE PLEASE HELP with reasons for Hydrocodone helping with my anxiety and what i should do about this?????