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How long in system
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    Default How long in system

    How long does hydrocodone and xanax stay in your system and what do they show up as on a urinalysis test?

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    hydrocodone is 72 hours(3days) and xanax might be the same or very close. I was prescribed percocets(oxy w/apap) for an accident and was given several vicodins. I had taken the percs the prior two days before an interview and had taken a few vic's for the interview. The drug test at Lowes is odd... you put this spongey thing in the back of your mouth between your gums and cheek to soak for 3 mins. This test didnt show oxy or hydro in my system even though it tested for >>>>>> and morphine. Most places dont check for specific opiates; however, codeine is changed into morphine via the liver and every common opiate is a prodrug, i.e. it gets changed into the active chemical via the liver. And I also think a small part of oxy is changed into morphine. Search what hydro is converted to and let me know.

    Where are you being tested?

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    The hydrocodone will be gone within 3-5 days but the xanax can be a bugger and stick around in the urine for weeks.If you've been using xanax regularily then look for it to be around awhile.If you just used it the once then I would think by 5-7 days you should be clear.Benzodiazepine's really are detectable for up to 6 or more weeks.Good luck....Dave

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