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How long does oxycodone remain in the body?
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    Default How long does oxycodone remain in the body?


    The question I'm asking to the forum is this:
    How long does oxycodone remain in the body?

    My girlfriend has oxycodone hcl ir 5mg prescribed to her for her chronic pancreatitus. The other day, Sunday 1-14-07, is was complaining of lower back pain and she gave me two of her oxycodones. I was weary of taking them but it seemed to ease the pain and I haven't needed anymore since.

    However, I'm also in the process of starting a new job and my prospective employer had me take a pre-employment drug screen urine test today (Thursday, 1-18-07). I'm not a drug user/abuser, but I'm concerned with the possibility that the oxycodone might remain in my system and show up on the drug screen.

    Any input and/or assistance to my question would be greatly appreciated!


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    Oxycodone generally can be found in the urine 3-5 days after your last dose.I would think be the info you have given here that you're probably going to be ok.....Dave

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