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first time use of suboxone
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    Default first time use of suboxone

    i just got prescribed suboxone 8mg's and i took one, the way i was supposed to, and i ended up getting really sick from it, i was really nauseus and i felt extremely dizzy. i'm wondering if this is this normal first stage of suboxone, or if it's reacting to the xanax i just got taken off of? thanks.

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    usually suboxone/subutex is started at 2 mg and then titrated/worked up. It sounds like you still had some opaites in your system.

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    Do you have any information on Suboxone >> Methadone. I have been on methadone for awhile (6mo) and it works great for my chronic back pain. But I did some stupid >>>> and copied a prescription to try and make some money. Needless to say I got caught and my doctor discharged me. I tried getting off the medication myself but ended up in the ER two nights ago (08-07-05). While in the ER I got to speak with a social worker and she recommended Suboxone. I have been reading everything on this website for about the past 6 hours and pretty much am no better off then when I started. Its six one way a half dozen the other. I have been seeing the Suboxone really doesn't help pain nearly as much as methadone. One thing that did read on this sight that I agree with is that their is a difference between addication and dependancy. This whole time I thought I was and addict for being on this medication for so long. But when I really think about it, I never missused my medication, I took as prescribed, so I really think that I am just dependant on the medication because it gives me a good quaility of life as far as being able to work and taking care of the pain.


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