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Does Methadone Cause Tooth Decay?
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    Default Does Methadone Cause Tooth Decay?

    I was snorting and shooting h for about 7 years, along with smoking, smoking pot, drinking, coke, crack, everything I could get my hands on.

    I than got on methadone, tried the 4 mont detox, relapsed, went back on and have been on meth for 7 years now.

    I dont go to the dentist, but I have always taken care of myself. I brush my teeth everyday, always have, use mouth wash etc, and up until I was in my early 20's, thats including 8, 9 years of smoking cigs, pot, 6 plus years of using dope, I never had a single cavity my whole life.

    but now that I've been on meth for years, I've already have my wisdom teeth pulled, all of them, I've had the 2 back teeth on the one side of my mouth on the top and bottom pulled and now the 2 back teeth on top and bottom on the other side are completely rotted and broken, not to mention I have cavities on my front teeh along the gum line on about 6 or so of my teeth.

    So having 4 teeth pulled gave me great relief, but even right now I need these other 4 teeth pulled, ******** costs 150 a tooth to pull, thats 600 bucks, thats alot. but I've asked my meth councelor if meth does this to my teeh, since I've seen and heard so many people say it does, she tells me there is no proof of that and that cause I said myself that i didnt go the the dentist, thats the reason, not the meth.

    But she has no answer when I tell her my entire life, even using drugs for years, I never had a single cavity until I started using meth, now I've had 4 teeth pulled, need 4 more pulled and have cavities on a bunch of others. How do you explain that?

    Sure, smoking, using drugs I'm sure played a part in it, but you cant tell me that using meth for a period of 6 or 7 years hasnt played a major part in my teeth rotting away.

    So is there any proof or documents that say meth damages your teeth?

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    I don't have "written proof" of tooth decay, only anecdotal stories among a few clients who have used methadone. The same stories have been told to me about cocaine and crack, as well. I work with women in early sobriety at a treatment center, and this is what I've observed.

    In addition, keep in mind, while we are actively abusing drugs, we generally are not terribly responsible about our dental care, including brushing, flossing, routine dental visits twice a year! So the neglect we give to our teeth may first appear to us after we've stopped the drugs - and started to take care of ourselves overall.

    God bless,

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