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depression with phycotic break
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    Default depression with phycotic break

    how often is risperdal prescribed for depression with a phycotic break. All i can find on the presciption of risperdal is for scizaphrinia and bi-polar mania.

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    Risperdal is frequently prescribed for any mental affliction that may involve racing thoughts, even if they don't lead to mania or a psychotic break. I am not sure of the exact chemical reasons but risperdal calms your brain and nerves so your thinking is slower and remains more rational. One of its big side effects is causing sleepiness because once someone's thoughts slow down, they can finally relax and usually conk out.

    Remember that while a drug may not be directed from the makers for a certain use, it is legal for doctors to try other uses for it and this has lead us to many great medical breakthroughs.

    A psychotic break is a form of a mania so to prescribe risperdal to prevent future occurences and aid in someone's recovery is perfectly reasonable.

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