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constricted pupils from suboxone
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    Default constricted pupils from suboxone

    I am sure this question has been asked before...I just learned that a relative who has had a history of drug abuse has been on suboxone for a while...I had noticed the constricted pupils for some time..several months in fact before the time where he "admits" to beginning to abuse Vicodin. I had previously questioned him as to whether he was doing "percs" or "oxy's" which he vehemently denied...previous to the time when he claimed his problem started. His pupils were pin pricks at that time...typical of opioid abuse.

    Lately ..past couple of months I have noticed that his pupils are still constricted, but not as much, and certainly not "normal"...would this lesser constriction be the effect of suboxone treatment?

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    As you guessed, most likely, as you know typical of opioid usage.

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