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Coming off Cymbalta
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    Default Coming off Cymbalta

    I am considering coming off Cymbalta. I tried once before - too quickly - and the side effects were pretty bad. Has anyone had good luck coming off? and if so, how?

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    Default cymbalta

    hi, i wanted to let ya know my experience with cymbalta, first it worked wonders for my pain. when i was titrated up to 60mg i could barely function. i finally titrated back down to 20mg and then just switch over to lexapro, i had no withdrawals at all.
    good luck

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    Default My experience with Cymbolta

    I took Cymbalta ater my back surgery for 10 days and during this time I started having the tremors in my hands and was feeling so weired. Then my dr had me to stop it right away and it took me a couple of weeks to stop the tremors then I was fine..

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