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Clonidine for withdrawl
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    Default Clonidine for withdrawl

    I have tried with no luck to figure out why my pain management doctor has given me Clonidine to help withdrawal from pain killers. I am weening off percs and noticed it seems to take a bit of the edge off when I start to feel really bad. How is it that this helps? Know one knows so far, but would love some advice.

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    I always get clonopin and clonodine mixed was definitely clonodine that I was given when I went cold turkey and here's what they told me....

    Clonodine lowers your blood pressure. Some symptoms of wd are a rapid heart beat, anxiety, sweating...all of these symptoms are at least reduced by the drug.

    At the Haight Ashbury Clinic in SF they stuck a patch on me so that I would get a slow and steady >>>>>>....made me a little spacey and tired but definitely helped with the wd's.

    Keep us posted!

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    a little more than a decade I was in elizabeth general,for detoxing off certain oppies,& they too gave clonidines,it was pure hell,one must truelly

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