Hey guys, so a couple night ago me and some friends decided to do some Adderall XR 20 mg's, The day and a half went great played lot's of games had a few good talks, lot's of bro time.

the method of intake was taking the beads out of the capsules and swallowing them with Sprite or Cola.
anyways, lastnight things got scary, I started feeling very dizzy, got chest pains, heart was doing weird stuff (beating fast then slow), my head hurt, I felt sick but couldn't vomit for the life of me, every muscle in my body was tense I looked 10 pounds lighter, extreme hallucinations, paranoia, the whole shabbang.

anyways, I went to the hospital as things were starting to get really scary and they rushed me to the emergency ward and put me on an I.V after I told them how much I had done and over the period of time I had done it. ( about 20 pills )

they gave me a couple of ativan and observed me and deemed me well enough to go home and sleep and gave me another ativan to take home with me.

Been feeling a lot better, Still having minor hallucinations and pains in my head or stomach but I'm assuming that's normal after recovering.

the thing that I'm worried about is while I was going through that entire thing I started getting these white marks on my skin in all different areas, the same kind of look as a white birth mark some are the size of a pimple, some are long and skinny, others are the size of a very small bruise.

I mentioned that I got random spots when I admitted myself to the hospital and mentioned it to the doctor and I don't think they seemed to worried or weren't paying attention I don't know.

Just wondering if anyone knows what they are, and if they will ever dissapear,

This is a re-post, I think I had the wrong board before.