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is 10mg valium ok after 3 days off opiates?
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    Question is 10mg valium ok after 3 days off opiates?

    ive been using vicodin, mostly 10/325 norcos(up to 15 a day) and other opiate paikillers for a year. i did some hardcore tapering down to about 2 norcos a day or less if possible, split up into halves or so and taken over the course of the day, in about a bout a month and a half taking only minimal doses to avoid WD symptoms. im taking a three week vaca from work to deal with detoxing and was a bit off in my timing and ran out of vikes a few days before my vacation and a friend gave me 2 10mg methadones to help get through the last few days. i took one one day and then 1/2 the next evening and tossed the other 1/2. i had reffered to the thomas recipe for gettin off opiates and it said valium to help with sleep and other symptoms the first few days. but i also read that taking a benzo with methadone could force all the opiates out of my opiate receptors and start immediate bad WD sypmtoms. i havent had anything for three days and was wondering if its ok to take a 10 mg valium now to help me sleep and maybe quell some other symptoms. the posts a bit long but i figured yall should know EVERYTHING ive done just to be safe.

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    Yes you should be okay with the valium. You only took the methadone (a low dose) for a couple days. And 10mg of valium isn't excessive during opiate detox. You should be just fine. Continue to post during your detox and you'll find lots of support here. God bless.
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