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  1. I am scared
  2. New here....
  3. New to Suboxone: newly terrified
  4. my pain doc thinks im a pill seeker
  5. Fiance just started suboxone - scared to death here!
  6. I'm ready to eliminate my addiction to Percocet -PLEASE HELP ME🙏
  7. I need info on Suboxone please
  8. Please help me help HER!
  9. 11 years of numb....
  10. My Current Situation, or: How I'm bad at titles and decided to finally post.
  11. boyfriend of ten years nods out every night
  12. Help! Suboxcene w/d day 16 still so sick want to end it all!
  13. Here I go again and hopefully for good!!
  14. My Wife and I decided to quit Percocet/Oxymorphone CT III
  15. Day zero...I need a plan to get off roxy's..how do I start??
  16. The boards lately...
  17. Way, way up the creek
  18. Leaving my drug addicted boyfriend
  19. Need HELP and support PLEASE
  20. hurting
  21. Need a little push
  22. Coming off Suboxone Cold Turkey after 20 months
  23. My Wife and I decided to quit Percocet/Oxymorphone CT
  24. Is this normal?
  25. Just made the switch to suboxone - Day 1 not as expected
  26. I'm deciding to stay committed to my opiate addict boyfriend, could use some support
  27. Day 6, Suboxone Withdrawal. How long will these lesser symptoms last?
  28. Three years
  29. suboxone withdrawal?
  30. Worried about my husband's oxycodone addition
  31. Finally Hit Rock Bottom...please please help!!!
  32. Cold turkey and alcohol
  33. I started again!!!! Why????
  34. Important information about NSAIDs
  35. Boyfriend addicted to Hydrocodone
  36. Looking for help & friendship
  37. Trying so hard to get of Subs!!!
  38. going to start suboxine on wed
  39. leaving Methadone for suboxone( I have Questions)
  40. Pregnant and Tapering off Subutex
  41. My suboxone taper journey....NEED all the support i can. People please help
  42. Hoping for your opinion
  43. metoprolol
  44. I need some help, please
  45. Help! I'm new here....
  46. Day 4, need some encouragement!
  47. Oxy withdrawal
  48. Just need to talk a little
  49. Continue with Taper, Switch or Jump
  50. Having horrible sweating problems! I would rather deal with the pain!!! Help please?
  51. Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)---anyone experience it?
  52. 6mths clean from adderall (stimulant) abuse - desperately in need of support :)
  53. In need of advice and support.
  54. Jumping off methadone at 12 mg and SO SCARED!!!!!!
  55. Opiate Rotation
  56. Son's addiction is getting WORSE since starting rehab treatment!
  57. Any advice?
  58. Hydrocodone issues
  59. Tomorrow is the day!
  60. Weaning withdrawel >> cold turkey.
  61. New to suboxone
  62. Suboxone withdrawal NOT what I was expecting! Opinions?
  63. Tapering from 120mg of hydrocodone.
  64. a slow taper is crippling me with anxiety...please help
  65. pregnant and taking oxyneo
  66. Day 3- I had a VERY scary weird experience, is this common in c/t ?
  67. Damn Vic's dans need advice asap
  68. please help. cold turkey doesnt work
  69. Oxycodone/Opiate Addiction
  70. Opiate Eyes---when do they learn to focus again?
  71. welcome to my hell
  72. Hydro withdrawal day 18 and aching---Ugh.
  73. Withdrawl
  74. subutex detox with large one off dose of methadone?
  75. Uhg
  76. Endometriosis, Lupron, birth control pills and side effects I feel sick all the time
  77. My Wife Suffering From Topiramate (Topamax) Symptoms!!! Need Advice
  78. Suboxone .or . Oxy
  79. Hospital Advice/ER Advice
  80. Sneezing....whats up???????
  81. muscle pain and withdrawal
  82. I won't get into all right now...
  83. Tramadol with a dependecy history?
  84. Tapering incorrectly from suboxone it seems. Need help.
  85. Day 8 off hydrocodone---headache
  86. Day seven of hydrocodone withdrawal---aching normal?
  87. DDC MOD Teddy Miller and Fake Passports, etc
  88. Suboxone doctor help
  89. Message to the DDC Moderators
  90. I went back out for a while
  91. Dextromethorphan for withdrawal aches?
  92. Oxycodone Ir Information on break through Pain
  93. Trying to help, but lost
  94. Day 5 after stopping hydrocodone
  95. I want my freedom back.
  96. Needing advice re: close friend becoming a danger to himself/others
  97. help need support.. suboxone
  98. Need immediate help quitting sub. PLEASE!!!
  99. suboxone
  100. Just posted (worst year) on clonazepam/benzo withdrawal. Need friends! I'm lost!
  101. Coping with Mom's Addiction?
  102. tramadol withdral
  103. Withdrawal from opiates or kratom?
  104. Its time...help please!!!
  105. Stopping Oxy - Please give your advice
  106. Sick in the head
  107. Is any kind of simple therapy can cure drug addiction.
  108. Back useing for a year now.
  109. 6 Months Clean....Thanks DDC
  110. Is this withdrawl?!
  111. Going for it
  112. I need some advice PLEASE
  113. Broke up with my drug addict boyfriend
  114. I feel like to just die!!!
  115. Is there anybody out there?
  116. Dedicated Dad's thread/journey
  117. Messed up and hoping for support (again)
  118. Decided to get clean. Need advise!
  119. Going to WAR with opiates!!! Seeking help/advice please!
  120. My suboxone taper journey....NEED all the support i can, so come on people,Help me!
  121. Husband and I addicted to pills and NEED to stop. HELP!!
  122. Emotions from a Methadone Detox
  123. HELP! Urgent - need advice - suboxone... Desperate
  124. Clonazepam, Alcohol, Sleep Apnea = death?
  125. Getting off hydrocodone...
  126. Help my son is an addict
  127. Confused on weather or not to continue suboxone!!
  128. Reaching Out
  129. Help with Night Sweats
  130. New to SUboxone. Need Help
  131. Help! First day on Subutex
  132. Suboxone: Conquering the Inconquerable
  133. Addicted to pain pills for the last seven years
  134. Help! Off oxy 36 days and had injury
  135. Done for sure this time! I think?
  136. SUBOXONE: Starting my detox today! Please help!!! Need all the info I can get!!!
  137. switching from methadone to suboxone
  138. taking the step
  139. Advice for Methadone Taper Plan
  140. Dropping in to say hello to all
  141. Married to addicted Nurse, we have a baby together, help!
  142. New and Blue
  143. Detoxing from Oxycodone, Switching to Suboxone. Need dosage advice.
  144. Cymbalta question
  145. Making the Switch to Subs - help/support and advice
  146. About to start my med abstinence in prep for Suboxone..
  147. My journey with Suboxone and pain meds
  148. Could use some suboxone help
  149. Need help oxycodone
  150. Little about me ... And if you're suffering...lets chat
  151. any advice?
  152. 36 a Day
  153. High Dosage HELP, x 2!!! My 1st Thread And 1st Call for Help...
  154. High Dosage HELP, x 2!!! My 1st Thread And 1st Call for Help...
  155. Advice/support
  156. What is this PAWS thing I keep hearing about???
  157. cant take it anymore!!!!
  158. Osteopetrosis support
  159. Dental Anxiety
  160. New member here. Need help with oxycocodone detox. have 10 subutex. Need instruction
  161. Hydro/Morphine kick
  162. Please help Im struggling bad
  163. Suboxone
  164. Weaning down my opiate tolerance, going cold turkey friday.
  165. Should I tell our kids? (5 and 8 years old)
  166. Need help with site.
  167. Advice, help, support. Will take anything!
  168. Double tragedies
  169. Please help! Boyfriend pushing me away?
  170. Tapering off of vicodin
  171. Fear For Life
  172. Orange pill of death!!!!!!!!!!
  173. Lilli
  174. help i'm new!!!!!
  175. Robert_325 and friends...Suboxone help!
  176. chronic pain sufferer
  177. discontine Celexa and starting Paxil. Help?
  178. Today marks 7 days off the evil pills that tortured my life.
  179. Me Suboxone - DIVORCE PENDING.......
  180. Flew cross country to help brother and found Thomas recipe online
  181. Frusterated and confused....
  182. Method for helping quit addiction i'm trying - coke
  183. Restless
  184. confused as to my my drug addict boyfriend is being told to walk away from his family
  185. I'm confused
  186. Need advice, doctor put me on klonopin for add?
  187. Cold Turkey off of Hydro right now. Support needed.
  188. Please, need advice about admitting addiction to boyfriend
  189. Only day 2 off suboxone. How do I do this!!!
  190. on a 4 to 5 day suboxone film and im scared
  191. New Thread for paige96....Need Help Please...
  192. why did it get this far ???
  193. oxycodone
  194. will the spark of life ever return ??
  195. Anyone With Advanced Neurontin Experience Please...
  196. Having all my teeth extracted next week
  197. Just curious....
  198. "Ask Ruth - aka ARTIST658"
  199. New here...but need strength and support from the forums.
  200. cheeky got cured
  201. Day 1
  202. plz help me... someone talk to me so i know im not alone, partner is a drug addict
  203. blood in urine 3 months after prostate biopsy
  204. 30mg methadone taper in Thailand
  205. serious addiction
  206. hey just looking for some help and advice?
  207. Disappointed in myself
  208. depression anxiety
  209. Extreme Anxiety - Can you please help me??
  210. I need advice on a situation with my boyfriend...
  211. Benzo (klonopin) withdrawal - what to do after the storm
  212. New To Forum and Need Support BADLY...Rapid detox
  213. Tired of lying to myself... This needs to end!
  214. Suboxone taper questions how effective is this taper prescribed by my dr.?
  215. Trying to stay clean for good. Would love some support.
  216. Supporting a recovering addict
  217. 7 days clean off Hydrocodone
  218. Back again....Need Support...
  219. Husbands addiction is tearing me apart....
  220. What medication should I take to descrese sexual desire?
  221. Fentanyl withdrawal. Day 12 and still in heavy withdrawals.
  222. Day 3 suboxone from methadone
  223. Lisa's trip and fall...
  224. I am about to start OXY Withdrawal in a day or so. I came here for SUPPORT.
  225. terrified and confused...looking for strength in your words.
  226. Oh NO....Not AGAIN!
  227. Clean since June 2nd 2012, surgery and pain killers now
  228. I'm in Trouble
  229. Ruth/ARTIST658 - back from hiatus
  230. Need help and support taper advice
  231. looking for pain mgt. doctor
  232. Back again
  233. Support for tapering off Suboxone with Anxiety and Depression
  234. Not an addict, seeking advice
  235. Advice on getting stronger medication for Anxiety/Panic attacks
  236. any advice would be appreciated!
  237. Divorcing drug addicted husband
  238. Wife in severe pain from Rheumatic arthritis
  239. Menorrhagia?
  240. boyfriend addicted to opiates
  241. thread got deleted :(
  242. what happened to the taper plan that used to be featured
  243. my girlfriend is a durg addict we have a kid frm 3 yrs of our relation ship
  244. Methadone or Opana ER which is considered worst?
  245. Tramadol addiction
  246. Sudden ringing of ears together with loss of balance
  247. Help with round 2 on sub
  248. Norco WD day 1
  249. Need help- hydro related
  250. Have a question about medication change