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  1. feeling free :)
  2. OK, which addict is the worst?
  3. On norco
  4. Antianxiety Drug- no weight gain, little side effects
  5. Codeine Withdrawal
  6. Anxiety and off of effexor xr.. help?
  7. done with subs.need advice and scared
  8. want to kick Percocet/oxy
  9. Suboxone withdrawal help and advice
  10. Here again...for the last time
  11. Can someone please help me!
  12. Need Help?
  13. trying to get off pain pills with suboxone, scared
  14. Trouble effectively inducting with suboxone and want to hear others experiences
  15. Hydrocodone withdrawal
  16. feeling lost :(
  17. Codeine Addiction - What can I do to make this easier?
  18. My manipulative drug addict boyfriend
  19. This is my journey, my life, my hell
  20. Feeling like I've acted without thinking it through -- oxy cold turkey
  21. tramadol taper/WD - advice please
  22. Taking a pill was the best part of my day.
  23. Health benefits of quitting
  24. My opiate WD
  25. Wth?
  26. Failed sub induction , need help !
  27. Opiate detox opportunity- terrified
  28. Need support please
  29. Twitching a lot. Help please. Please help (Long, long read)
  30. Just a change of pace.
  31. I'm lost- please help
  32. Day 12 of methadone
  33. Newby Needs Help
  34. opiate withdraw :/
  35. Methadone Taper Advice
  36. Detoxing off of oxycodone or getting on suboxone?
  37. Need opinions and outside help I am lost suboxone/oxycodone addictions
  38. Addicted to hydrocodone. Please help.
  39. Tomorrow is the day - suboxone
  40. wow.
  41. My Story. please read :)
  42. I wanna quit and can't
  43. Going off Zoloft
  44. Hunkering Down
  45. Norco 10-325 withdrawals da
  46. Hopeless
  47. I hate drugs!
  48. any advice on a quick detox from hydro?
  49. Need to know if it helps to stand by your significant other through addiction.....
  50. How do you take L-tyrosine?
  51. Been battling with opiate addiction for 10 years....I'm now free of it DAY 6
  52. Day 4 clean but sleep is impossible. Any suggestions?
  53. Crushing fatigue
  54. Our Brain on Opiates (The Broken Brain)
  55. Day 2 Hydro Withdrawal
  56. Adderall withdrawal
  57. Brain zaps
  58. here we go again...
  59. Looking for support
  60. help!!
  61. Tessalon Pearls-Coughing-Bronchitis
  62. weekend detox help or hurt?
  63. Am I addicted to opiates???
  64. Addicted to drugs
  65. Desperately need help with starting suboxune
  66. Lorazepam (Ativan) Withdrawal Questions/Support
  67. Gotta get this right...
  68. Question
  69. Quiting Suboxone for my second time
  70. need help bad!!
  71. Day #3 Hyro W/D
  72. Addicted to oxycodone
  73. Any Agnostics or Atheists that havent used AA/NA to get clean?
  74. hello
  75. kicking oxycodone this week and need support
  76. I want to stop taking hydrocodone
  77. Hydro hell !
  78. Cold turkey quit Ativan.
  79. Suboxone Help
  80. Someone Please Help Feeling Like No One Will Help With Anxiety
  81. I'm back...
  82. want to stop need support
  83. Husbands drug use
  84. Is this an excusez/
  85. left addict fiance and now I am drowning in a sea of despair
  86. Distinguishing the truth!
  87. Still quiting after 20 years
  88. just need help cuz im so confused.
  89. Addicted to ambien and now Medicaid is cutting my prescription
  90. I'm hurting and tempted
  91. Will the Subs let me go?
  92. I need help Quitting pain pills desperate for support and advice
  93. mrLobster Needs Advice for Rapid Sub Taper--HELP PLS
  94. The start of my journey...
  95. Restless ARMS? CT off Roxy. day 1. Anyone else had this?? GEEZ!!! HELPPP!!!!!
  96. so lost not sure what to do
  97. Morphine to Duragesic, not working!
  98. I'm going to do it ;)
  99. Ready to Quit
  100. Bad depression - oxycodone related?
  101. Scared to death
  102. Suboxone for pain??
  103. No trouble tapering - just can't make the jump!
  104. Lexapro issues, please help
  105. Please respond
  106. Suboxone taper
  107. Tapering off Tramadol & prepping for detox withdrawal
  108. NORCO, you little Devil you...
  109. Alone in Phoenix
  110. Overcoming opiate addiction
  111. Need some support - about to CT off norco
  112. Hardest thing I've ever done
  113. coming off saboxone while pregnant
  114. Codeine Withdrawal
  115. Relapsed, two days clean and left my addict lover
  116. TexasGirlKatie: I'm back...with a story of success!
  117. Feeling inspired by old thread, I am quitting, NOW.
  118. I'm back...
  119. Norco/Vicodin Weening
  120. new, oxycodone withdrawls.
  121. Methadone to Subox switch questions...
  122. Scared of what lies ahead now.
  123. His addiction has destroyed us
  124. When will this end?!?
  125. Persistent nausea mystery, and why prednisone withdrawal affects it...
  126. Need advice with Suboxone/Opiate relapse problem
  127. Norco 10/325 is giving me crawling sensations help!
  128. Codeine Withdrawls
  129. Transitioning from Methadone to Suboxone
  130. Back again
  131. I Just Want To Feel "Normal" Again
  132. Tapering off fentanyl, have I done it right ?
  133. books...
  134. New! Please help if you can.
  135. Help 12 days clean and hurtin
  136. Withdrawing from norco need help
  137. URGENT Subutex taper help needed!
  138. How long will it take to feel better?
  139. desperate need of advice please help
  140. withdrawing from sub - c/t or 16mg taper?
  141. A question about switching from methadone to suboxone
  142. Time to get off the Patch
  143. 4 years on Bupe - My detox journey
  144. How to get family/friends off your back when trying to get clean?
  145. 3rd post today
  146. Weight gain after getting off opiates?
  147. Having a bad day. Subutex detox questions.
  148. What was the straw that broke the camels back?
  149. boyfriend is an addicted.
  150. Someone please help - Scared for my life
  151. Questions, Support, and Ultimately getting my life back.
  152. DAY 1-7- Thomas Recipe/ Personal Experience/ Supplementations/ Oxycodone
  153. I'm facing forward and hoping this is possible
  154. taylor10
  155. Sertraline and tryptophan ?
  156. Need some help!
  157. Vicodin Help
  158. Suboxone user two years ready to get clean help please
  159. I am an addict in recovery would love to help
  160. I just don't know what to do now...help..
  161. My husband went to rehab for opiates...I thought its what I wanted..or is it??:(
  162. New Here and Need Help
  163. Having a really bad day
  164. Addicted to Hydrocodone and scared to stop.
  165. Help
  166. aternatives to caffein?
  167. Did he really stop using?
  168. Going cold turkey tomorrow, need some help
  169. Need Support and All of You to Talk to 72 hours into Opiate WD's
  170. New here and really need help!
  171. rapid detox
  172. Slap tear shoulder help
  173. opiate withdrawal sneezes
  174. pain isnt pleasure
  175. New here and need some advice. Ready to change my life
  176. I'de like some help. Confused.
  177. Scared, but feeling confident that this is right...going back to work
  178. New mom. need off subs. desperate. Please help.
  179. Urgent help needed; Klonopin has ceased working, just RX'd Xanax instead, need advice
  180. My Story
  181. rx painkiller support and help please
  182. kicking suboxone , and I need help?
  183. took a quart of a sub 1 min ago
  184. Have to Stop
  185. open letter to my addiction
  186. Short Sub Detox
  187. Detox help please
  188. Oxycodone withdraw : Need a place to talk
  189. A lot longer than I thought
  190. Patients rights re benzos.
  191. New and scared!
  192. please help
  193. Just a thank you, too depressed.@iloerose @ARTIST685
  194. Opiates - I am an addict- I can't live a lie anymore
  195. Reid Caughtagain
  196. drug abusing bf and pregnant....
  197. Techniques for alleviating existential stress?
  198. need to know, need help
  199. How can I tell if my husband is using drugs?
  200. Lorazepam
  201. Vicodin
  202. Are there any other options??
  203. Suggestions on tapering and jumping from Subutex all suggestions WELCOME1!
  204. Day 1 again
  205. First time here and want to talk--husband addicted and I want a divorce
  206. oxycodone withdrawl day .. i relapsed
  207. Think ADD is ruing my life? 20 Years old college student
  208. Need some help!
  209. Can't live without oxycodone, HELP!
  210. Anesthesia
  211. i'm back with more questions....
  212. Still tapering!
  213. Does anyone else feel like they can write a book on this crazy ride?
  214. How to get the right doses to taper when using subutex tablets?
  215. Need help with subutex dosing and taper
  216. Methadone to Suboxone switch amazing! Is this how normal feels?
  217. Trying to recover from pulmonary embolism. .. scared
  218. I can't take any more time sober
  219. Need to talk. Took my last norco.. Hopefully for good
  220. Suboxone Taper
  221. 1st Timer Member | Quitting Oxycontin & Would Like Advice/Input On My Story
  222. Please Help Me
  223. Need to get of NORCO
  224. Husband Using Multiple Drugs
  225. starting suboxone
  226. Day 3: Thanks to Jesus!
  227. Day 1, thanks to Jesus
  228. Is percocet 10/325 the same as tramadol 37.5/325
  229. I have a new insurance and Fentanyl patch & percocet are not on their list
  230. New here. Again. Day 4 tapering hydros.
  231. My husband is addicted to codeine.
  232. getting on suboxone, will doc prescribe if i got norco filled 2 weeks ago, or will i
  233. Getting yourself off of Drugs
  234. Support for nanette50
  235. Changing my life...
  236. I find myself wanting to give up
  237. made appt with suboxone doc, i am a little afraid, any successes out there??
  238. Am I experiencing hydrocodone withdrawal?
  239. If only there was a cure all for anxiety
  240. can't tell anybody
  241. looking to taper down and off of Oxycodone with suboxone (tomorrow)!!
  242. Inducting tomorrw from oxycontin need advice and help
  243. How can I be more supportive?
  244. Anyone else on Day 2 of opiate withdrawal?
  245. wishing it was over
  246. Getting off of 1200mg+ oxy per day, starting suboxone
  247. bad idea?
  248. Hydrocodone withdrawal?
  249. Need advice really bad - I gave in today
  250. Norco/Tramadol WD. Help!