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  1. Low testosterone
  2. Switching from Methadone TO Suboxone with Kratom supplement ( Please Help )
  3. I think my husband is using again
  4. Has anyone successfully quit Methadone using Gabapentin?
  5. Depression
  6. Questions regarding detoxing after long-term illness
  7. How to cope with anxiety
  8. More Than A Decade On Painkillers Etcetera
  9. Lexapro Withdrawl Hell
  10. Mitochondrial Myopathy and other Mitochondrial Diseases
  11. Day 4 of Lexapro Withdrawals... still no symptoms?
  12. Opiate withdrawal is hard, but it is sooooooo worth it! Here is my story...
  13. Severe Anxiety W/ Suboxone Withdrawal
  14. Buprenorphine Jump w/ Bipolar I & other issues
  15. Suboxone Withdrawal
  16. Depression
  17. Sub Withdrawal - Different Reason
  18. Can i stop blood pressure medication (Micardis)
  19. How can I best withdraw from escitalapram 10mg
  20. 30 Years codein addiction
  21. Codine Addiction
  22. Severe body itch!
  23. social anxiety disorder,PTSD, ADD, depression
  24. Problems with Lamactil
  25. Recovery after coming off Lepraxo (esitalopram)
  26. A litle Help with this suboxone
  27. Cause of fatigue and low energy - anxiety, or depression?
  28. Manic depression, Bipolar disorder.
  29. Please Help, doctors aren't listening need advice
  30. Consistent restlessness in arm, getting worse over time
  31. pregnant and absolutely need to get off the subs.
  32. Pregnant and Tapering off Sub
  33. My SA is so bad :(
  34. Withdrawl from codeine
  35. Long Term Successful Low Dose Methadone Usage for Chronic Pain
  36. Trying to help my husband get through his addiction...
  37. Need help!! Tonight is it! Anyone??
  38. Emdr
  39. Acute serotonin syndrome; "mixing prescribed meds" ?????
  40. My story...
  41. I think my husband is stealing my medications... again.
  42. Day 7 without suboxone
  43. Help!... Norco has control?
  44. subutex withdrawals
  45. Consulted PsyD Having Mild Anxiety OR Depression. Started a2x, could it cure anxiety
  46. Peter >> Paul
  47. For those going through suboxone withdrawal...
  48. Opiate withdrawal while pregnant
  49. Suboxone Withdrawal--What to expect
  50. cymbalta withdrawal
  51. Some Inspiration for those trapped in Oxy-hell
  52. Supplements/vitamins for Oxycodone taper ?
  53. klonopin taper plan look okay?
  54. Can you get addicted to Norco in 10 weeks?
  55. Methadone detox
  56. Subuxone withdrawal
  57. minor relapse on oxy after 6 months clean. withdrawal?
  58. 1 month clean and still suffering a detox syptom of insomnia will this go away soon?
  59. oxy withdrawal day 6.. is this normal??
  60. Oxy withdrawal (day 4) venting
  61. Oxycodone, disease/injury ,weaning and Rebound pain? Please.
  62. Please Help!!!!! Realpsed Please dont over look
  63. My story of addiction and detoxing from Suboxone
  64. need help with new pain med&anxiety attacks!!!
  65. Suboxone withdrawal was not that bad. No RLS. Currently Day 12
  66. What happens???
  67. Query - Over-The-Counter Codeine Abuse - upcoming at-home-detox
  68. Plz Read second time with sub w/d. with adress to last blog i did
  69. Painkiller addiction... saved by Suboxone
  70. Clonasapam
  71. Childrens' Gas
  72. Im new to this and dont have a sense of direction
  73. At Home Opiate Detox Method That Really Works... Without Benzos
  74. Need some advice/help starting suboxon
  75. Subutex for 6 days for opiate withdrawal
  76. Acetaminophen/oxycodone 10/325 and cronic pain
  77. Vyvanse - Is my dosage too high or too low? Or bad reaction?
  78. Pain meds in the same house as an addict
  79. Klonopin and Xanax for anxiety
  80. Will I withdrawl from taking Vicodin for a month.
  81. Clonazepam - tapering off - 90 days in. One year after it was prescribed for anxiety.
  82. Time to quit
  83. hi there, looking for any info or help please.
  84. Hi, new here looking for advice.
  85. anti depressant & mood stabelizers
  86. Lexapro & Abilify withdrawal
  87. Tramadol addiction
  88. Desperate for your advice on meds for debilitating anxiety
  89. Lost in the Shuffle
  90. UNINTENTIONALLY Quitting Xanax Day 3 (help please)
  91. Klonopin and Valium
  92. 8 Years on Lexapro. Long term Problems? Help?!!?
  93. Needing help quitting vicodin
  94. My story From opiate addiction to recently coming clean on suboxone
  95. Quitting Hydrocodone day 2
  96. Seroxat(paxil) Witdrawal , Need help urgent.
  97. 6 days with no sleep after oxys
  98. drug screen privacy
  99. POTS Syndrome- Anyone else out there?
  100. I just got kicked out of my suboxone doctor and I need advice/help. I am so scared.
  101. Medtox 10 Panel Test
  102. Got a dilemma
  103. Is my sexual anhedonia from taking the SSRI Citalopram permanent?
  104. Vicodin Addiction, Withdrawl symptons and how long
  105. spinal stenosis.severe scoliosis.
  106. Saliva drug test Xanax >>. Ativan
  107. high cholesterol but dont want to take meds
  108. Does anyone know? please help!
  109. Detox from OC & Fent. Thomas Recipe >> Congdon Recipe. Need some support Please!
  110. Opiate addiction - and MS paitent...
  111. Opiate Withdrawal for the nth Time
  112. Reality Check!! Scottish lass in need of advice, please. Need to escape the TRAMADOL!
  113. Restless limb.
  114. Oxy addict
  115. Childhood sexual abuse, depression & the psychiatrist who "hit" on me...
  116. Cutting Suboxone film
  117. I need help with my suboxone dosing.
  118. I am back... and am getting Inducted... Robert 325, I would love your help.
  119. "Making The Jump" Off of Suboxone!!
  120. gabapentin / neurontin for opiate withdrawal
  121. Suboxone Withdrawl Again Haha Im dumb
  122. High Blood Pressure using Losartan & trimming down off of Lorazapam
  123. gout + peripheral neuropathy
  124. Suboxone withdrawl
  125. Here goes nothing...
  126. 220 mg Roxicodone (oxyCODONE) daily. WANT TO STOP!! RECOMMENDATIONS? Helpful hints?
  127. Lexapro Withdrawal
  128. Need Help!!!
  129. Excessive Sweating from Morphine?
  130. boyfriends >>>>>> addiction
  131. Day 1 no opiates
  132. Suboxone W/D - I will make it, but a few ?
  133. First day off Hydro...
  134. Has anyone just lived regular life through Op w/d?
  135. DLPA, 1000mgs (D-phenylalanine)
  136. Methadone Withdrawal
  137. Pain Management/ Opiates/ Fibro/ Advice /Help me
  138. Took too many tylenol pms
  139. Abilify Side Effects??
  140. Horrible Depression after Chantix...now on Wellbutrin
  141. Libido Dampening from Medication(s)
  142. Fentanyl Withdrawl --HELP
  143. In agony over suboxone wuthdraws cold turkey HELP
  144. Pain Med Dr
  145. Tramadol Withdrawal
  146. hello new to board borderline and struggling
  147. Norco addiction
  148. For Robert...about suboxone withdrawls
  149. Making myself Accountable
  150. Confession from a mom
  151. Need some help Robert
  152. help! Im Scared Super scared and dont know what to do
  153. percocet withdrawal. day 11
  154. Anxiety disorder? Please help! ?
  155. Trazadone?
  156. Robert can you help?
  157. Anxiety/phobia and depression opiate addiction
  158. Suboxone >>. Just Quitting
  159. Spent last week in hospital. To sub or not to sub at this point. Robert325 help?
  160. Temazapam Withdrawal
  161. Have to rapid detox off of 120 MGS Methadone
  162. How to kick opiates in 7 hours or less, PAINFREE!
  163. Quit Percocet cold turkey.
  164. Need semi-expert advice on diarrhea
  165. Still hanging in there, no pain killers
  166. Question about Xanax
  167. Bad W/D's I have options, I need to know what to take, PLEASE HELP
  168. horrible addiction
  169. Suboxone treatment ?'s
  170. Buprenorphine causing Edema and Cellulitis
  171. help me - k-pin/ambien withdrawal
  172. Lexapro for Premature Ejaculation
  173. Hi Robert
  174. My name is Chris, this is my story.
  175. Stopping Klonopin
  176. My "painless" freedom from opiod dependence.
  177. My journey off of suboxone
  178. HELP, Serious Oxy Detox/TX Suboxone Questions
  179. Please help for >>>>>> W/D
  180. Morphine Detox - Many Worries And Questions
  181. Robert
  182. Tussionex Addiction - Trying to Quit, Help!
  183. Robert need ure help
  184. Oxy cold tukey timeline/ what worked for me
  185. Vicoprofen, Dilaudid & tapering
  186. Wife Opiate Withrawal! Please Help
  187. Generic Norco casuign anxiety
  188. Getting off Suboxone and Xanax..
  189. Prolonged Diarrhea
  190. Respritorary depression
  191. morphine withdrawal
  192. Quitting Tramadol. How long does it take
  193. Please help! Pain pill addiction!
  194. Suboxone withdrawls
  195. Still sick on Methadone..Thinking about switching to suboxone
  196. Subox..done
  197. Day 11 oxy quit Cold Turkey/ Thomas recipe
  198. is this doctor shopping?
  199. My husband needs help..
  200. Methadone withdrawals
  201. Question about abruptly stopping methadone
  202. Too little subutex?
  203. Tramadol withdrawal?
  204. Need advice 4 opiate detox w/ GHB
  205. Horible reaction!!
  206. any zoloft users?
  207. Recently quit vicodin after 6 years
  208. 11 days to taper, then off Oxycontin
  209. Help with LabCorp Test Code
  210. 5 days clean, being tested, what to expect?
  211. Sub questions
  212. ROBERT??? methadone to suboxone
  213. in desperate need of help, pleeease..withdrawal w/ suboxone..
  214. Ready to get clean...scared and lonely please help
  215. Insomnia (dreams) due to zoloft
  216. Sick and tired of being...please help.
  217. clean off opiates for 14 months. when am i going to feel better?
  218. someone please give me an accurate time frame of how long opiate withdrawal lasts?
  219. here we go...1 week til withdrawl
  220. Hello everyone. I just registered! I'm about to start WD! and I need help.
  221. Opiate Recovery MAJOR Depression!
  222. Suboxone to percocet conversion
  223. Letting Robert Know Update on Taper
  224. Unexpected Suboxone Withdrawal
  225. 3 Month Suboxone Addiction - Help to Quit
  226. I hate oxycodone help me please
  227. Klonopin >> Valium for "As Needed, In case of emergency"?
  228. Update on Methadone Withdrawal-need help with feelings!
  229. Suboxone Treatment Starts Tomorrow
  230. question about pot as a way to deal with w/d
  231. Suboxone overrated-cold turkey the way to go.
  232. I am desperate to quit my addiction to Hydrocodone and Xanax?
  233. Starting suboxone induction tomorrow can any one please help me
  234. xanax tapering NEED ADVICE
  235. I have started to enjoy taking pain killers...do I have a problem?
  236. Help with benzo withdrawal
  237. I wanna quit pain killers
  238. Day 2 Norco Withdrawals! I FEEL AMAZING!
  239. Hydrocodone addiction/WD - my story and struggle
  240. Need to talk with Melinda -quitting methadone
  241. not sure how to do this...
  242. What kind of damage am I doing?
  243. Help
  244. BusPirone - Tics?
  245. is any one here still using?
  246. tried this site..thanks anyway
  247. What a day! Wow.. The day i really decide to STOP my friend ODs and dies..
  248. Doctor shopping question.
  249. methadone life in body
  250. an add to my original post "addicted to roxys..:/" anyone up right now???