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  1. Taking Suboxone during Suboxone withdrawal
  2. Effects of Methadone usage-starting Suboxone
  3. Chronic Pain Garbage
  4. Nine days off oxycontin, and less pain!!!
  5. Doing Great!
  6. Last OC usage need help
  7. oc with done
  8. hitting bottom
  9. Transitional questions from Methadone To Suboxone.......
  10. for anxiety
  11. What to do when life throws you a curve?
  12. My first attempt at Withdrawal from Atavan
  13. Addicted day 4 withdrawls
  14. day 2 no vics
  15. going cold turkey, need some advice please
  16. Needing some help/support
  17. Ultram Contraindications...help please
  18. Cymbalta and increased blood pressure
  19. getting my last vic refill tomorrow, i need help
  20. adipex, anyone having side effects?
  21. How much longer will this last?
  22. Help, my new granddaughter is going through withdrawal from methadone
  23. Effexor XR Withdrawals
  24. im on oxycontin should i switch to patches/or methodone
  25. Percocet w/d help??!!
  26. Cold meds causing severe anxiety
  27. tension headache
  28. Beware of roxicodone
  29. ThANKS Robert, Zenith and ?Freedom?
  30. I'm finally off vicodin after 3 years. I GOT MY LIFE BACK!
  31. Help with w/d from Oxycodone
  32. Can you share your story?
  33. New here - want to get off methadone!
  34. I wish I didn't have to take pills to be happy..
  35. Chronic Pain- Percocets No Longer Working, Fentanyl Patch Next Step- Need Help
  36. maybe someone can help
  37. I'm back and I'm an addict...I need advice!
  38. fell off the wagon after 10 days
  39. Life going cold turkey of Percocets
  40. tapering off percocet need help!!!
  41. Tramadol and Restless Arm Syndrome
  42. vic addiction..day 9
  43. YAZ for PMDD
  44. New to sub - advice plx
  45. Suboxone Treatment in Ontario
  46. solution to counteracting weight gain from seroquel
  47. Problems with anxiety, depression and breathin
  48. I'm addicted to Percocet, can you help me?
  49. Anyone go on anti depressants after ending a painiller addiction?
  50. Just started Suboxone maintence, questions.
  51. Help! Can Oxycodone cause depression?
  52. roxi/ oxycodone addiction
  53. a question about the Thomas Recipe
  54. Question for Live2Ride about the tapering with Vicoden
  55. Anything to minimize Klonazepam cravings?
  56. Percocet withdrawl
  57. prices ?
  58. addicted to everything..mostly vics
  59. TO ROBERT_325!! Sub W/d
  60. 180mgs oxycodone/day personal cold turkey experience
  61. Anxeity, Paxil, Xanax?
  62. Pain and Sleep Meds in Jail
  63. From Dones, to Oxy to Dones, now Subox?
  64. Clean sober n ready to freak out
  65. Suboxone withdrawal question...
  66. just diagnosed with fibromyalgia along w/other problems-sub doseing part 2
  67. Clonopin
  68. mood disorders in children
  69. Will I get Addicted?
  70. Suboxone and Pregnant
  71. about lexapro
  72. Question: workplace attitudes towards rehab
  73. I need help.........
  74. Please Help - Depression
  75. Question reguarding Oxycontin >> Oxycodone
  76. wife in detox
  77. A Couple of Questions
  78. Percocet and Ambien Withdrawls. Help Please!
  79. New Percocet / Alcolol Question - HELP!
  80. Blood pressure skyrocketing from WDs
  81. Suboxone-Questions and Answers-but more questions
  82. Tramadol addiction---help???
  83. Percocet and Alcohol Question - Help!
  84. How long will suboxone be in my system?
  85. Robert, MMan; HELP! Problems with Sub!! Scared!!
  86. subo withdrawl
  87. Suboxone Questions
  88. I Have MS, Live In Burbank CA. Need Doctor
  89. Opiate addiction
  90. suboxen
  91. i cant get to featuered conditions index?
  92. Need Help with Drepession & Anxiety
  93. Cold turkey with a bit of bread, and a little mayo..
  94. Need help, starting Suboxone tomorrow morning
  95. Trying to Taper; Need some experienced advice...please...
  96. Klonipin? Good, bad?
  97. back pain relief for an addict & major depression
  98. Lyrica side effect?
  99. Wondering if I have become addicted
  100. For everyone out there on Suboxone or previously on it
  101. To Robert 325
  102. Help:Is it Addiction/Dependency or just talking to much
  103. lorazapam- addiction
  104. Suboxone Questoins
  105. New Member, Need Vicoden Withdrawel Help
  106. Cold Turkey off of Fentynal Patches?!
  107. Where is Robert?
  108. oxycontin w/d
  109. Tapering the Sub
  110. Hydrocodone Testing
  111. Nerve Pain.
  112. Heres my thread Robert.
  113. Vyvanse: Disappointment in a bottle
  114. obsessive thinking, anxiety, depression looking to talk
  115. Robert?
  116. Suboxone and Ativan
  117. my suboxone situation, need advice
  118. To those quitting the painkillers
  119. Round Two---Vicoden detox
  120. Exreme anxiety, medication not working
  121. hydrocodone help
  122. suboxene dosing
  123. questions about PAWS
  124. Improved mood / mindset after taking Tramadol
  125. I am a doctor shopper
  126. starting from nothing
  127. Seroquel withdrawal
  128. Celexa Withdrawal
  129. How do you know if you're addicted?
  130. starting sub today
  131. 12 days off Suboxone after 3 years then used Oxycodone and
  132. help
  133. Trying to Kick H, please help
  134. Trying to Kick H, please help
  135. Robert
  136. Coming off of Zoloft
  137. I dont know where to begin
  138. Painful intercourse and on suboxone
  139. ADD + Antidepressant
  140. Suboxne Taper. Robert?
  141. 800mg >> 500mg??
  142. Oxycodone and Pain Managment Doctor
  143. On subutex, given scrip for codiene. Can I take it?
  144. Help me stop
  145. Any advice on Suboxone
  146. Robert help I'm stuck!!
  147. Excessive belching with Warfarin
  148. False Positive Any Answers!
  149. Lorazepam--how to manage
  150. Hot Flashes/Sweats while on Opiates and Muscle Relaxers
  151. Possible Solution for Vicodin Withdrawals
  152. Grrrr @ Xanax Withdrawl an Panic Attacks!
  153. A little about me and the way I feel
  154. I think I'm actually going to survive this.
  155. 40 days
  156. I may need help
  157. Hey Robert, about my sister's drug test
  158. Can certain situations trigger withdrawals
  159. Herion family
  160. Dealing with Perc/Oxy Addiction
  161. False Positives. Can anyone help?
  162. constructive advice only or questions
  163. Hi Robert, about the Suboxone and Benzos
  164. Suboxone side effects
  165. subutex?/ Robert and anyone else?
  166. only 8 mgs?
  167. boss knows addiction ???????
  168. New to Suboxone/Robert please help.
  169. Percocet allergic reaction?
  170. doctor wont help me
  171. help
  172. Back pain
  173. percocet addiction?
  174. Xanax v.s. Ativan
  175. Severe anxiety but on ADD medication.
  176. need insight asap. please help
  177. I screwed it up :( Oxycodone and drug test detection times
  178. Here we go......
  179. Pro's and con's of intermittent suboxone use
  180. The thomas recipe
  181. 1st post and need help asap PLZ
  182. Help to get off Vicodin
  183. im addicted to oxys and methadone and i think im prego
  184. Is it safe to use marijuana while on suboxone?
  185. deliberate relapse sub to vic, no answers
  186. Just for fun, What's on your I-pod
  187. Opiate related question.
  188. suboxone and surgery?
  189. For Robert_325 and anyone else interested in helping me out!!!
  190. need advice quick
  191. On suboxone, have a question
  192. is it too late ?
  193. Experience with addiction of less than a year?
  194. Please Help!! Bad Oxycodone Addiction!
  195. quick suboxone/opiate recovery question
  196. Xanax side effect or short term withdrawal?
  197. Oxy oddiction
  198. 2nd day off methadone and oxycontin
  199. Long time suboxone user.
  200. what helps restless legs??
  201. Percocet Withdrawl Symptoms. How Long?
  202. in serious pain, taking suboxone.
  203. My Anxiety is driving me crazy
  204. Lower back pain, please help
  205. Suboxone and Real Pain HELP!!!!
  206. How well does Buspar work for anxiety?
  207. Day1 on Suboxone
  208. depression/anxiety meds
  209. please help me for my addition
  210. 4days into Methadone WD's someone have any advice on coping?
  211. Coming off 16mg Suboxone with only 23 pills!Need advice!
  212. I'm addicted to Xanax - How do I stop?
  213. Should I Switch from Methadone?
  214. ativan withdrawal?
  215. getting off effexor and ambien
  216. Addicted without taking much
  217. broken beyond repair
  218. 1st time suboxone user can't take the wd symptoms...Any advice or suggestions welcome
  219. 1st Norco scrip & must take liver function test, is this also a drug test?
  220. Total differences in oxycodone tabs
  221. getting off oxycontin and percocet
  222. Celexa and Psychotic episode...Please Help
  223. >>>>>> Addict In Need of Help
  224. 54hrs into detox from perks and vic's. Please tell me the worse is over.
  225. Question
  226. someone please help--painkiller addict seeking help, need advice!
  227. 5 days into withdrawal....
  228. Getting off of Methadone and onto subutex
  229. Opioid withdrawal side effect question
  230. Tramadol/Ultram Addiction
  231. Neurontin psychosis!
  232. Can I withdrawal Twice in same week?
  233. Chronic Pain without Medication!
  234. Starting Suboxone Good Idea???
  235. Withdrawing from LEXAPRO
  236. Suboxone and surgery Please Help!!
  237. Puffy face??? aaggghhh...
  238. TRAZODONE Question
  239. Opiate WD...back pain...ouch!!
  240. Nervous About Doctor Visit...Need Some Advice
  241. Pain Killer Drug Holiday...possibly more
  242. How long can this last?
  243. Xanax, took 2 1/2 mil. lightweight...am i ok?
  244. 15 years of depression and still not over it
  245. Panic Attacks-Xanax, Klonopin, Depakote ER - Please give advise!!
  246. suboxone advise please
  247. I'll make a long story short.
  248. A "weighty" withdrawl topic
  249. vicodin addiction question.
  250. Lexapro and Neck/Back Pain?