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  1. ROBERT need help w/ suboxone taper
  2. Klonopin/Vicodin HP withdrawal- help would be appreciated
  3. can i take .5 klonopin 3 hours before 15 mg percocet?
  4. 24 hours without percocet
  5. Robert 325 Guidance
  6. jumping from 25 mgs a day of oxycodone
  7. Hi all RDS patient new to forum
  8. Oxycodone
  9. Xanax?
  10. addicted to pills... AGAIN
  11. Suboxone shelf life?
  12. A little thing called "GUILT"
  13. day 1 after 20 days or so clean..am wondering......
  14. Robert 325 please help with tapper
  15. Withdrawl from Methadone MMT treatment
  16. OC help please..
  17. percocet addiction and withdrawal
  18. Failed Suboxone Detox, need some advice
  19. I don't know how to explain subs without getting mildly annoyed :(
  20. Generic Wellbutrin
  21. adhd opiate withdrawal
  22. MaisieC or Robert-Stop here please!!!
  23. Need support and advice
  24. Data From my Switch! and THANK YOU :)
  25. Is suboxone right for me?
  26. what is better for breakthru pain?
  27. I'm doing a Methadone Taper...tips anyone?
  28. HAs anyone ever abused subs?
  29. Suboxone withdrawl
  30. 3 weeks off Suboxone...A few questions.
  31. I am stabilized on Methadone and off of the streets...what now?
  32. Suboxone Withdrawal - Story
  33. Important Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen Question
  34. scared
  35. Day 7 of Oxy-Free; Beginning to feel like im gonna make it this time
  36. Day 6 on suboxone, have some ?'s
  37. Now what.. recovering vicodin addict..
  38. Day 3 on Suboxone...Little Scared Whats to Come
  39. Hepatitis C and milk thistle
  40. My update
  41. Starting Suboxone tomorrow
  42. Looking for opinions on weed...
  43. How to break a several year Opiate addiction! LOOK
  44. when does the depression/anxiety stop?
  45. CRPS/ Looking for Mottam?
  46. Why do people take opiates?
  47. Would a few shots of Whisky help me?
  48. Could Suboxone be the answer?
  49. Pecocet addiction/methadone or Cold turkey?
  50. Suboxone Withdrawal Please help
  51. Thank you everyone!...oxys, percs goodbye!
  52. Suboxone or Methodone..HELP..........
  53. want to switch to subutext
  54. Six months clean yesterday!
  55. Hypophosphatemia
  56. Fentanyl Withdrawal Times
  57. Fentanyl to Sub, Help Please
  58. Best Route For Fibromyalgia Treatment
  59. Trading Lexapro for Prozac to Lose Weight?
  60. Quit using oxycontin...the cons
  61. celexa
  62. Previously Addicted - Now In Pain
  63. To sub, or not to sub [part 1/2]?
  64. New to Suboxone & I not sure I like it
  65. absolutley freezin'
  66. Suboxone questions, possible w/d?
  67. Best drug for Social Anxiety?
  68. Subutex, Can it cause Pain in Hands And Swelling?
  69. How bad is Oxy detox in hospital? Help!
  70. Suboxone might be easier to stop than you think
  71. Sub Question
  72. Anyone out there with Borderline Personality Disorder?
  73. oxy withdrawl and depression
  74. Coming off suboxone
  75. Suboxone or Methadone??? HELP!
  76. Fibromyalgia-need advice from those who have it
  77. Help! Need SPECIFIC slow taper plan to get off of SUB
  78. tramadol destruction
  79. In Desperate need of help with withdrawl!
  80. Husband and I are in W/D together right now....
  81. Starting my detox today after work
  82. Withdrawing from hydrocodone...26th day...is anyone out there at the same place?
  83. BF withdrawing from Suboxone day 6
  84. I have been having probs with my back
  85. Is this morphine withdrawal?
  86. Frustrated with Big Pharma?
  87. How did I get here?
  88. Seroquel
  89. I am clueless how to help my son
  90. Wife has long blue streak after shooting in arm
  91. tommorrow morning will be first day on suboxon
  92. And now it's time for my Suboxone withdrawal diary...
  93. Will I withdrawal from taking vicodine for two months
  94. Norco addiction; trying to stop
  95. Some Help on How to Do This
  96. ZOLOFT TAPER...Advice and experience MUCH appreciated!
  97. Getting off OC's Please Help
  98. Support please
  99. Rheumatoid arthritis
  100. Please Help! Hooked on Hydrocodone and Percocet!
  101. Pregnancy & Lyrica?
  102. stop taking oxycontin
  103. Jumping off 150mg methadone - 5 days without a dose - can I take Subutex yet?
  104. screwd up again
  105. To robert325
  106. Sleep pattern has greatly changed
  107. suboxone withdrwal question
  108. tramadol?
  109. Temazepam
  110. Hopeless. Need prescription of xanax.
  111. Help on "secret" w/d ideas
  112. Robert help plz with Suboxone taper
  113. Searching for Sub Dr. in BC, help!
  114. Hydrocodone ...angel or devil?
  115. Stiffness and inflamation in hands and feet
  116. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
  117. worried about a false-positive drug screen...
  118. Panic Attack with Agoraphobia
  119. Oxy withdrawal: 5HTP and PAWS
  120. opiate detoxing and dizziness
  121. getting clean of oxy
  122. any herbs for withdrawals?
  123. i dont know...i will beat it soon
  124. Conditions?
  125. Oxycodone Addiction
  126. Suppport for the supporters
  127. Recovery from painkillers
  128. Need help with Subutex tapering!
  129. Please walk me through Suboxone taper..
  130. Guilty addict
  131. Small dose (Ithink...) Suboxone taper
  132. The last pill
  133. addicted to feeling different
  134. Methadone to Buprenorphine Switch
  135. :\ Gf is on >>>>>>
  136. Is it possible to switch to Dihydrocodeine to get off Subutex
  137. Lamictal question - Please Help
  138. Figuring out triggers...
  139. Suboxone withdrawal
  140. >>>>>> WITHDRAWAL/DT symptoms
  141. a lifetime sentence of pain and percocets
  142. My dealer has been calling....
  143. Other drugs: Holding you back, or gateway out?
  144. DETOX what to do--suggestions please!
  145. Addicted to Vicodin and trying to quit
  146. Trying to quit oxys, High tollerance
  147. Long term side effects of withdrawal
  148. Daughter stopped oxy-cold turkey & cant sleep
  149. went off sub cold-turkey 3 days ago
  150. 10w Pregnant, Can't Get Off Xanax
  151. Switching from Methadone to Suboxone
  152. Just need someone to listen
  153. Oxy addiction
  154. >>>>>> Withdrawal
  155. Severe back pain and dont want to become an addict...
  156. percocet and oxy addiction, day 4 cold turkey...hopeless??
  157. OK... I'm detoxed... Now what?
  158. Self medication and underlying mental health problems
  159. hot flashes and suboxone?
  160. Robert_325...
  161. possible to get off sub and go on pain meds?
  162. Horrible Hydro world from Hell
  163. Day 16 WD from 45mg Lortab daily...
  164. DEA at doctors office - is this Normal ?
  165. Really could use some advice on Suboxone
  166. Suboxone >>. Subutex and Naloxone
  167. 16 months on Suboxone, want to taper
  168. Sometimes I am an idiot
  169. Another casualty of OxyContin
  170. Relapsed again! So disappointed in myself.
  171. My Story - The Short Version
  172. On Suboxone... slipped
  173. Ramipril side effects
  174. My Dextox From Opiates
  176. Losing Weight after Lexapro
  177. Who is to Blame!!
  178. Spouse of a prescrip. addict
  179. What i wasnt told about the devil! (Suboxone)
  180. Prescription Drug Documentary "Killing me Softly"
  181. DAY 3 W/D and PROUD!!!
  182. How many people feel like MMT is a racket
  183. A Message to all who post on this board
  184. Multiple narc scripts one month, flagged?
  185. Addicted to Oxy's and Vicodin, PLEASE Help
  186. Single Dose of Suboxone for withdrawal
  187. Hospitals/doctors labeling you a "drug seeker"
  188. percs are ruining my life
  189. vicodin addiction..rehab??
  190. Trouble with Ambien
  191. The OFFICIAL How WE ALL Kicked Addiction Thread!!!
  192. Great >>>>>>/Suboxone/Benzo Detox...
  193. Suboxone w/d - Robert_325
  194. Weight Gain with Lexapro & Celexa or just 1 or the other?
  195. Suboxone for 5 days-chills- withdrawls? I'm SO lost! I took a vicodin :(
  196. Broke my toe & on Suboxone. :(
  197. Fatigue
  198. How to help my brother
  199. Anxiety Problems not being properly addressed
  200. Day 1, Hour 3...
  201. please help me
  202. withdrawls/howtoquit?
  203. Withdrawing from Methadone................
  204. Suboxone Taper. Please Help!
  205. been clean 4 months and feel great..till i blew out my knee
  206. Chronic Pain and Tollerance issues, plz help
  207. Back on Lexapro
  208. New here:Need help with my subutex taper please
  209. Subutex Induction Help Needed - >>>>>> User
  210. sub induction- help is right?
  211. One Month On Xanax...Coming off now...
  212. Suboxone induction - Robert
  213. Time to get off the bus again.
  214. ? for Robert_325 Suboxone or anyone who can answer.
  215. First Opiate Withdrawal Remedy that Works!!!! Guarantee no Withdrawal Symptoms
  216. How I finally broke my Tramadol habit
  217. hydrocodone addiction
  218. Just Quit Percocets! and i need help please..
  219. Inpatient Methadone Detox -- please help
  220. Confused..
  221. Quiting Pain Killers... Need help/support
  222. OCD, depression and ADD/ADHD problems
  223. Day 1
  224. + benzo screen.... but never took anything!! help
  225. To all I may have upset
  226. To ALL Time # TWO!!! from Deburpletiger
  227. ROBERT325...About RA Med Question
  228. Scary situation w/Methadone n NUBAIN
  229. What is the best drug for post op pain?
  230. Opiate withdrawl, What do you think?
  231. Fusion on Back
  232. Is there anything that makes pain meds more effective?
  233. Need Help Kicking Oxycontin / Percocet Addiction - Please Read-Several Questions
  234. R.A. - Prednisone - ANY ALTERNATIVES??
  235. How long does precipitated withdrawal last?
  236. To ALL from Debpurpletiger
  237. Suboxone..and the police.....
  238. Subutex/Suboxone/Methadone questions
  239. Day 1 in withdrawal
  240. do these symptoms coincide with anxiety/depression?
  241. Today was the day
  242. Hydrocodone Acciction - I live in a third world country
  243. Doctor Shopping.............
  244. Has anyone tried Lyrica (Pregabalin) for neuropathic pain?
  245. Looking for info from an RN on the Forum
  246. Tramadol addiction and chronic pain management
  247. Need to stop these blues... dont know where to begin...
  248. Wheres the real house when you need him? Cardiac mystery
  249. prolonging HIV???
  250. So much Negativity, need some Positivity