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  1. Unexpected Suboxone Withdrawal
  2. 3 Month Suboxone Addiction - Help to Quit
  3. I hate oxycodone help me please
  4. Klonopin >> Valium for "As Needed, In case of emergency"?
  5. Update on Methadone Withdrawal-need help with feelings!
  6. Suboxone Treatment Starts Tomorrow
  7. question about pot as a way to deal with w/d
  8. Suboxone overrated-cold turkey the way to go.
  9. I am desperate to quit my addiction to Hydrocodone and Xanax?
  10. Starting suboxone induction tomorrow can any one please help me
  11. xanax tapering NEED ADVICE
  12. I have started to enjoy taking pain killers...do I have a problem?
  13. Help with benzo withdrawal
  14. I wanna quit pain killers
  15. Day 2 Norco Withdrawals! I FEEL AMAZING!
  16. Hydrocodone addiction/WD - my story and struggle
  17. Need to talk with Melinda -quitting methadone
  18. not sure how to do this...
  19. What kind of damage am I doing?
  20. Help
  21. BusPirone - Tics?
  22. is any one here still using?
  23. tried this site..thanks anyway
  24. What a day! Wow.. The day i really decide to STOP my friend ODs and dies..
  25. Doctor shopping question.
  26. methadone life in body
  27. an add to my original post "addicted to roxys..:/" anyone up right now???
  28. writer's query - short term relief from oxy withdrawal
  29. Soma?!?!
  30. Addicted to opiates.
  31. addicted to roxys..:/
  32. Oxy Withdrawal
  33. Lexapro Reaction?
  34. Need Advice
  35. Withdrawling from Morphine/Hydrocondone HELP!
  36. addicted to oxy codone 2 deaths friends
  37. Robert and Melinda
  38. could this be WD?
  39. Subutex to Methadone??? help pls?
  40. Short term treatment of suboxone ???
  41. Question for Robert
  42. serotonin syndrome?
  43. It's time to KICK the SUBOXONE!
  44. newyorkgal could you give me a holllor plse? on methadone
  45. Day 9 off methadone
  46. Oxycontin Withdrawal
  47. 1st day of the next forever
  48. having hard time']
  49. I screwed up, now what should I do?
  50. 3 part question about anti-anxiety/panic attack meds
  51. My experience
  52. Answers for my diabetic mom?
  53. My opiate withdrawal experience
  54. Ambien
  55. Supplements
  56. Bell's Palsy
  57. New, again
  58. pain delayed and its ransom
  59. my Methadone withdrawals...psychological?
  60. Chronic Pain + Addiction. Looking for cure and considering methadone???
  61. Home Remedies for RLS from percocet withdrawal?
  62. Double withdrawel symptons. Need help robert.
  63. 7 days off of Percocet
  64. Is this a withdrawal symptom?
  65. Want to ask Robert_325 a question
  66. 3 week oxy & morphine binge: no WD symptoms?!
  67. Recovery Help
  68. How to avoid be drunk?
  69. my vicodin addiction, withdrawal, and recovery
  70. just cant seem to stop
  71. Just quit perks need some advice
  72. Methadone maintence taper
  73. fentanyl withdrawals no physician assistance
  74. Need help alcohol abuse?
  75. opiate detox using a codiene taper
  76. Abilify Proof Of Connected Disorders?
  77. Stupid combinations left me gasping for air
  78. Please help--trying to slow taper off fentanyl
  79. Drug test for Suboxone
  80. Sub question from Datahamster
  81. Suboxone question
  82. Suboxone half-life shown graphically!
  83. Update on Recovery
  84. Pain Pill/Alcohol Addiction NEED HELP
  85. Relapsed-- Please help!
  86. Help in wanting to get off subutex after 5 years
  87. Multiple questions and long med history
  88. Hydrocodone
  89. Non Benzo Anxiety medication
  90. Klonopin user/Celexa
  91. I am tired of people not understanding
  92. testosterone after opiates
  93. Was I dt'ing? I felt awful!
  94. Advice Please - Starting Suboxone on Monday
  95. Advice please what should i expect tomorrow it will be day5
  96. >>>>>> Withdrawal and OC
  97. Hey Robert.....ran into... need info
  98. Must leave this House!
  99. confused Day 18 off Suboxone
  100. Robert325 Please Help Detoxing suboxone Day 17
  101. hydrocodone addict~taper or cold turkey?
  102. the proper use of subs?
  103. How to get ahold of someone?
  104. im MAD at the world! Xanax >> Valium?
  105. Close to end of day five c/t from percocet
  106. me >>. cravings
  107. Trazodone for sleep? Any reviews?
  108. Fentanyl CT
  109. sick of the cycle... help
  110. Starting Suboxone Detox
  111. Young & Addicted - need help
  112. Percocet,Kadian,Norco addiction....trying to stop.
  113. the light at the end of the opiate tunnel!!
  114. Some advice as soon as possible???
  115. Fentanayl injection
  116. to take or not to take..that is the question
  117. 48 hours without oxycodone. help me
  118. High Dose Baclofen for weaning off Suboxone.
  119. Anxiety help
  120. Weird, unusual panic attack
  121. To melinda and robert
  122. Should I quit Suboxone Cold Turkey
  123. what i know abt tramadol part 2
  124. help me get off oxycodone! please =(
  125. Methadone 10mg
  126. In the process of percocet withdrawal -- a ray of hope
  127. Just Tell Me What To Do
  128. suboxone withdrawl
  129. Day 5 Oxycontin/Oxycodone withdrawal..my last post
  130. Day 5 Oxycontin Withdrawal question
  131. Withdrawaling but its ok
  132. Just switched from Methadone-to-Suboxone
  133. Getting off of Suboxone
  134. Can I get your guys opinion on this
  135. Tigerlily coming home
  136. Long-term Suboxone user & I want off!
  137. First day no Lexapro - think I might cold turkey it!
  138. Well tomm is the day...
  139. im addicted to percs and am trying to quit. please help me.
  140. Quitting Suboxone
  141. Suboxone Withdrawal Success
  142. ok robert325, i feel real bad. subs yet?
  143. Suboxone taper
  144. Suboxone taper
  145. Suboxone taper
  146. Robert325.. can i take suboxone
  147. can you just switch from suboxone to subutex?
  148. Robert325 I cannot find my old posts to you?
  149. ROBERT need help w/ suboxone taper
  150. Klonopin/Vicodin HP withdrawal- help would be appreciated
  151. can i take .5 klonopin 3 hours before 15 mg percocet?
  152. 24 hours without percocet
  153. Robert 325 Guidance
  154. jumping from 25 mgs a day of oxycodone
  155. Hi all RDS patient new to forum
  156. Xanax?
  157. addicted to pills... AGAIN
  158. Suboxone shelf life?
  159. A little thing called "GUILT"
  160. day 1 after 20 days or so clean..am wondering......
  161. Robert 325 please help with tapper
  162. Withdrawl from Methadone MMT treatment
  163. OC help please..
  164. percocet addiction and withdrawal
  165. Failed Suboxone Detox, need some advice
  166. I don't know how to explain subs without getting mildly annoyed :(
  167. adhd opiate withdrawal
  168. MaisieC or Robert-Stop here please!!!
  169. Need support and advice
  170. Data From my Switch! and THANK YOU :)
  171. Is suboxone right for me?
  172. what is better for breakthru pain?
  173. HAs anyone ever abused subs?
  174. Suboxone withdrawl
  175. 3 weeks off Suboxone...A few questions.
  176. I am stabilized on Methadone and off of the streets...what now?
  177. Suboxone Withdrawal - Story
  178. Important Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen Question
  179. scared
  180. Day 7 of Oxy-Free; Beginning to feel like im gonna make it this time
  181. Day 6 on suboxone, have some ?'s
  182. Now what.. recovering vicodin addict..
  183. Day 3 on Suboxone...Little Scared Whats to Come
  184. My update
  185. Starting Suboxone tomorrow
  186. Looking for opinions on weed...
  187. How to break a several year Opiate addiction! LOOK
  188. when does the depression/anxiety stop?
  189. CRPS/ Looking for Mottam?
  190. Why do people take opiates?
  191. Would a few shots of Whisky help me?
  192. Could Suboxone be the answer?
  193. Pecocet addiction/methadone or Cold turkey?
  194. Suboxone Withdrawal Please help
  195. Thank you everyone!...oxys, percs goodbye!
  196. Suboxone or Methodone..HELP..........
  197. Six months clean yesterday!
  198. Fentanyl Withdrawal Times
  199. Fentanyl to Sub, Help Please
  200. Best Route For Fibromyalgia Treatment
  201. Trading Lexapro for Prozac to Lose Weight?
  202. Quit using oxycontin...the cons
  203. celexa
  204. Previously Addicted - Now In Pain
  205. To sub, or not to sub [part 1/2]?
  206. New to Suboxone & I not sure I like it
  207. absolutley freezin'
  208. Best drug for Social Anxiety?
  209. Subutex, Can it cause Pain in Hands And Swelling?
  210. How bad is Oxy detox in hospital? Help!
  211. Suboxone might be easier to stop than you think
  212. Sub Question
  213. Anyone out there with Borderline Personality Disorder?
  214. oxy withdrawl and depression
  215. Coming off suboxone
  216. Suboxone or Methadone??? HELP!
  217. Fibromyalgia-need advice from those who have it
  218. tramadol destruction
  219. In Desperate need of help with withdrawl!
  220. Withdrawing from hydrocodone...26th day...is anyone out there at the same place?
  221. BF withdrawing from Suboxone day 6
  222. I have been having probs with my back
  223. Is this morphine withdrawal?
  224. How did I get here?
  225. I am clueless how to help my son
  226. tommorrow morning will be first day on suboxon
  227. And now it's time for my Suboxone withdrawal diary...
  228. Will I withdrawal from taking vicodine for two months
  229. Norco addiction; trying to stop
  230. Some Help on How to Do This
  231. ZOLOFT TAPER...Advice and experience MUCH appreciated!
  232. Getting off OC's Please Help
  233. Support please
  234. Please Help! Hooked on Hydrocodone and Percocet!
  235. Pregnancy & Lyrica?
  236. stop taking oxycontin
  237. Jumping off 150mg methadone - 5 days without a dose - can I take Subutex yet?
  238. screwd up again
  239. To robert325
  240. suboxone withdrwal question
  241. tramadol?
  242. Temazepam
  243. Hopeless. Need prescription of xanax.
  244. Help on "secret" w/d ideas
  245. Hydrocodone ...angel or devil?
  246. Stiffness and inflamation in hands and feet
  247. worried about a false-positive drug screen...
  248. Oxy withdrawal: 5HTP and PAWS
  249. opiate detoxing and dizziness
  250. any herbs for withdrawals?